Football Training Reports; Training Pics - wk-26+

2개월 전

We are sharing our action photographs captured during training exercises, skills and drills, and learning game tactics. Every training day we seek to employ new techniques, practice techniques already learned, and strive to improve. What we do learn are new techniques, psychology, tactics, and fitness.

During week-26, we had ladies in our academy for the first time, it was an amazing experience training with them. We did some motivational and inspirational talks for the boys in order to keep them motivated with their dreams. We let them know that nothing is achievable without paying the prize it deserves.

After the talks, we did warm-ups, exercises, and drills. There was no time to do soccer training because it's late in the scorching sun and everyone was dehydrated and tired so we ended the training to meet again today.

Adventure 📸

Bicycle ride 🚲 exercise 📸


Exercising 📸

Ladies in and out exercise 📸


Forward exercise 📸

Talks 📸


Exercise 📸

Short volley pass 📸


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BONUS: Game Priority Order By Age Group

U6: fitness (movement education), technique, psychology, and tactics.
U8: technique, fitness, psychology, and tactics.
U10: technique, psychology, fitness, and tactics.
U12: technique, tactics, psychology, and fitness.
U14: technique, psychology, tactics, and fitness.
U16: tactics, psychology, fitness, and technique.
U19: tactics, fitness, psychology, and technique.


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PS: The reward from this post will be used to provide the footballers with full kits, new football, food accommodations, as well as management for the team.


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