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• The one with the milky way in the background(Boat) is just fantastic. living in a city will not help you see the stars, even at night. you must go to a campsite or a desert destination to see all these wonderful things clearly.
• Here's the thing guys ... you will not believe how it can affect you emotionally, it's like a deep-thinking booster. Anyone who can see the stars clearly at night, will certainly have a plus in his life.
• Thank you for the share @digdaga


I totally agree with you, you will not see this in any city, and sometimes you have to travel really far to the edge of the world away from pollution to be able o experience this!
I am not sure if someone told you this before, your comments are some of the best I've seen on Steemit and thank you for all the support.

Hi mr. @digdaga it's a long time man we miss your high quality content
please come back soon hope 🙏 you are ok .

wow, that's a very amazing photography @digdaga, i will keep commenting on your postinggan, walo i am too late to comment


There is no such thing as too late, all steemians are welcome to comment whenever they feel like and thank you for your support.



wow,cool photography @digdaga.


Thank you!

they are so beautiful as they are not real. I loved them. Looking the sky and seeing stars make me happy and peaceful. I did it in my viliage last summer. Its hard to see stars in cities bacause of the city lights but when I look at the sky in my villiage, sky and stars is so birlliant while everywhere is pure black. I can see them clearly and I can dream :) I also will visit the photographer web site. thanks @digdaga to remember the stars and my dreams :)


always love your comments, I am glad you can still see stars like this from your village, I personally can't see this much even when I go to the desert in Dubai.


Hi my friend @digdaga. How re you? I could't see you for a long time. I care about you. I hope everything is going well . I look forward to hearing from you soon. bye

Those are amazing pictures. My favorite is the one with the tree lighting and stars. We can see a lot of stars in Kentucky but nothing like those pictures. Great post


Thank you for your support, Glad you enjoyed those photos!

Hi 👋 my dear brother , I wish u r fine 😊
Images are very amazing, and when you look at them you feel surprised and terrified, and meditate on the beauty of the universe،
سبحانك ربي ، خلق الكون فأبدع
Thanks so much my brother sharing a fantastic photo 😃
Good luck my dear @digdaga 👍👍😉
All the best for you 😊😃


Hello Samer, I am doing good and thank you for asking, hope you are well and all your family is doing good as well.
Glad you like the photos and indeed Sub7ana Allah with all our technology and design we can't even design a building that is as beautiful to a Tree. Good luck to you as well!


Thanks you so much my dear friend @digdaga 😃 , me and my family are ok , all the best for you my dear brother @digdaga 😉👍

all photos are time elipse bertemakam. I really like that, I think a ketenagan you can find in the darkness of the night in the company of beautiful stars


Thank you! indeed stars show only in darkness and this itself is a beautiful metaphor for us humans to reflect upon.

wow, very cool photography my friend @digdaga


Thank you!

O.O Such an amazing selection of photos!!!! When you look into the starry sky, having received a current education, it is when you realize how tiny you are and how enormous is the universe. I'm always interested about the kind of stars and the phenomena involving them.

And these pics, wow, they leave my mouth open in awe.

It's a bit controversial to share stuff one finds on the internet. Pics like this, videos, memes, whatever, but I think that Steem can host that variety and more and it's still super valuable because we make of it the center to which everything converges.

Thank you for sharing these pictures you found. They're super cool and inspiring.

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Beautiful pictures @digdaga, I really enjoyed them. I haven't been on Steemit for a few days due to work commitments, but I am glad to see that you are keeping up to date with these beautiful images. Always happy to support!

Good jop friends @digdaga


Thank you!

Dear @digdaga

I just decided to visit your profile and check out your latest content only to notice that you didn't blog in quite a while already.

Hope you didn't give up completely on Steemit?

Cheers, Piotr

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