Decembrist (Epiphyllum) bloom in November

3년 전

In my office bloomed flower Epiphyllum. We call it the Decembrist because it usually blooms in December, when light day becomes short and the air is cooled. It seems as if the flower glows from within.))




photo by @dmiton

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very beautiful flower we have at my family home


Beautiful flowers, they make life beautiful. Love em too.

That's a great post... Really i like that post...


Thank you @hanen)

very nice
great post

Those flowers so amazing ! nice pics !



what a cool pictures here, i just fall in love with that flower XD


Thank you @aranda! My attention was drawn to glow effect. I was very surprised.

What a lovely/gentle hue of red/pink throughout the petals. Nice

What lovely flowers! It blooms in december? What an interesting plant. You took two very good photos of it—well done!


Thank you David!) I in full delight from your latest pictur. It's cool!

I had to take a double look. I almost thought was an orchid, something I used to grow. All I have now is a phalaenopsis. I think was a pinkish bloom.

  ·  3년 전

This is absolutely stunning !

Splendid 👌👌👌

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My grandma use to have same :) I love them...

@dmiton, I have the same flower of other varieties: with red, gently pink and bright pink flowers, I will soon post a photo of one of them, it is about to blossom

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