My breakfast for the day!

4년 전

Goodmorning my beautiful best friends,

Today I decided to start off my day with fresh cut pieces of mango, I love fruit so much.

I started a diet two weeks ago because I was eating super unhealthy for a while now and I felt like I was getting sick of not having all the nutritions and vitamins needed in my body.

I was eating junk food and also a lot of unhealthy sugars and fat. I needed to change my diet drastically in order to feel better and being healthy again.

This "diet" isn't a diet to change the way I look, it's just to be healthy which in my opinion should always be the reason to why you have a diet.

Nobody's perfect and that's why our main focus should be our health and personality, not our physical apperience, that way you don't see the "diet" as a punishment but as a lifestyle for a healthy body and mind.

Don't forget to stay strong and always smile! 😊

Questions of the day:
• Do you guys like mango?

• What is your favourite fruit?


Ps: This is just my opinion and my vision, I'm not saying that if you don't do this that you are doing it all wrong, etc.

I just hope that by sharing positivity and tips, we all give less of an importance to our image and spend more time improving ourselfs in other aspects!

Love you guys so much bye!! ❤️

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wish you the best with your diet, also those mango bits look very nice :)


Thank you so much, do you like mango or other types of fruits ? (:


My favorite fruit is raspberries, but mango is also very good.

I like fresh ripe mango's , but they have to be ripe like on the picture!