Hello again Steemers.....i am back with a new swimwear fashion photoshooting

4년 전

Hello again Steemers....!!!
I will present you some photos from my latest photoshooting with Irene.


Our photo shooting took place at the evening hours in a greek beach called Papakosta, located at the county of Larissa, Greece

This Shooting was a one light setup and my gear for the photoshooting was :
Sony A7S
Sony lens 50mm f1,8
Godox ad200DSC09007.jpg

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Extremely nice and hot. Hello from the other side :--)


thank you my friend :)


not nice and hot. bad photoshop on the legs (1st picture) and bad ps on the face (3rd pic)...

Irene is very hot & beautiful ........and of course u r photography .....


Yessss she is.....!!!!! :D

The mountains and the valleys are exquisite.



nice buddy (oraios gia na leme k kana elliniko :-)), have a look to my photos from my trip to Iceland if you like

Καλημερα πολυ καλη δουλεια !

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