The most expenisve camera in the world

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These past few days, its been all over the internet, and has been the biggest news worldwide in the photographic forums, the astronomical amount that, for the very first time in the history of photography, a photo camera has been sold: 2.4 million €. It is indeed a very large amount of money, for an one hundred year old antique. Lets see, though, why the camera in question managed to reach this price. In 1923 Leica had manufactured 25 cameras of the O series, to test the reactions of the photographers and the general market, in view of the impending mass produce of the first Leica A, that launched two years later, in 1925. Few of those first testing samples of the O series, have been rescued, in fact there are only 3 and the Leica O Νο 122, is one of them. This very rare piece was auctioned on March 10th, from WestLicht auction house. According to the report, the auction hall was overcrowded by the number of the collectors and the number of the people that participated over the phone from all over the world, is unknown. The starting bid was at 400.000 € and within minutes the price had increased sixfold, reaching the 2.4 million €! As usual in this cases, the buyer wished to remain anonymous. Personally I am in favor of any remarkable and out of the ordinary event that happens in the field of photography in general. An event that gives glamour to the field, even if it comes from the long past of the art of photography. Because something like this catches the public interest and reflects the splendor of photography, as a profession, and not the every day routine and the never ending problems

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