Toxiety.....TOXIETY - The Day Before part B (own work) based on Leonida Theodoridi's science fiction novel.

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Ηello my dear steemers
Today will present you the second part of my new photography project.

The first part is here

It's the year 3528. The human kind is wearing gas masks over 1000 years after the blast of the last space mission in 2499 were people tried to travel through an artificial wormhole. Professor Frivo's theory was to simple to be true. 434 power plants were connectet to generate an electromagnetic gate in the stratosphere who could not resist the high temperature created by the reactors. The result was a huge explosion. The world is still polluted as the Appropriator Bonker says. Most people who are under his terms believe him.
The world is divided into cantons and restricted zones which are dominated by the Reseters under the rule of Appropriator Bonker who took over after the 7th World Insurrection of the Rebooters. The Rebooters are warriors who became a cult with religious connotations who have taken over the restricted zones and some of the cantons. Their greatest warrior is Starlight who is hated to death by the Appropriator

The Rebooters belive that it's time to take off the masks and make the legitimate Cancellor Tycoon as their head of the cantons. The Reseters are trying to restore and to strengthen the existing regime. The Resetters let people believe that they're will be save as long as they keep on the masks. In the opinion of the Rebooters, this is an excuse and a showdown of Appropriator Bonker demonstrating his power. Starlight-warrior is convinced that the earth is already clean and the masks are responsible for 80% of the human kind who is suffering from mental diseases like his twin sister Mori does.
Starlight-warrior and his sister Mori were born in a restricted zone where their mother was raped by a Reseter when she was 15 years old. After their birth she fled with them to the nearest canton Penitencia. Because of Mori's disease she couldn't take care on her own so she married an officer.

Mori has pediatric regurgitation who means that she thinks she's a little girl but in reality she and her brother Starlight are 25 years old. Because of his Stepfather and the regime, Starlight run away from home at age 14. Since then no one saw him again. He went to a restricted zone where he was found in very bad conditions from a bunch of Rebooters. They took him to the chancellor Tycoon who ordered his training instantly.

After 10 years, Starlight-warrior has occupied some cantons where he recruits new people to join the Rebooters. Now he crept into the largest and central canton Acknowl where he tries to win influence on Plutonia, a very popular show woman. His plan is to work as a bartender at the most famous club of the capital, the "Decadence" where Plutonia performs. Plutonia is in her 40's and the biggest star in Acknowl. She began to sing in Penitencia when an agent saw her and brought her to Acknowl 20 years old. Or that is what she claims because some people say she lives a double life.
Appropriator Bonker has noted that people might have seen Starlight-warrior in the capital of Acknowl. He sent out his best officer to search for Starlight and to catch him. Her name is Officer Ruth.

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Strong portrait, the light, colors and expression are amazing! 10 out of 10 :)

I want you to see my photos :)


Thank you.....yes of course i follow you

first photo is absolutely amazing :O