Which of the images would choose (own work)

5년 전

Good evening my friends. I am in a huge dilemma. I have three excipients in my last fashion shooting and i do not know what to choose. What is your opinion ?

The first has earthy colors

The second a nice contrast betweem cold warm lighting

Αnd the third a very beautiful and potential black and white

Thank you so much for your time, I hope you like to see soon and the rest of the photograph

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I like the first one best. It would be nice to mix a little of the cold lighting into the background of the first one. Not as much as the second but just a little blue and green.

I vote for the first one, it looks more natural than the second. The b/w is nice, too.


@okkiedot thanks for your time

first looks best.
I love the blue too, but that would require some editing in Photoshop. As it is, parts of the picture/background are too distracting and I would even play with adding some blue into the shadows on the model. But everyone has their own taste in the end :P


@sulev you have right but thirst i must choose

Merge the first two, often when painting I will do final touch ups and the effects I use are pushed up high then I dial them all back to blend, seems to work nicely. In what context will the images be used or is that an unknown?

I like the B&W. It has a classic look to it.

first, it suits the model


Yeah. Red hair shouldn't get near blue light!

The 2nd one. The 1st give a nice focus to the face but I feed the 2nd give a balance so that the face does not draw all the attention.