Where am I? Beat a bit of lockdown boredom (and wanderlust) with GeoGuessr

2년 전


Finding yourself sitting at your desk or on the couch thinking of your travels in the past and those in the future? Mind numbing right? I've relieved a bit of that boredom (oh and the wonderlust) playing Geoguessr. The game where you are just randomly dropped somewhere in the world and you have to guess where you are. the closer you are the more points you score. Play by yourself or against a friend. Its a geography sleuthing game. Lovely!

So, where is this? I know it China, but it's a damn big country. So i'll go with Beijing....


Wrong! It is in Xi'an. Who would have guessed!


I can literally spend hours playing this simple game. It has also shown me places i'd never think to look at or even yearn to go to. You could make the game even harder by not scouring the streets for clues to your location! Have fun!

Where is this?👇

And this? 👇

Any guesses?

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