Vancouver, British Columbia, photographed in autumn


I took these photographs during my recent return to Vancouver for the birth of my son, and during a time of homelessness there 2 years ago.


Vancouver is a city of just the right size, nestled against the Pacific ocean, and bordered by gorgeous mountains to the North.


The downtown core, as in many Western cities, is filled with skyscrapers owned by government and banks, and expensive condos.


The downtown core of Vancouver, October 2019.


I captured this interesting older building while walking in Gastown. Notice it's only a few inches from the building next to it, and from the angle I photographed it, you can see a strip of blue sky all the way down to the horizon.


In Vancouver it's not always sunny in autumn, but it's always beautiful!




MediKatie and I stopped by Cannabis Culture for some gear. Notice that it is no longer associated with Marc Emery.


International freight ships anchored in harbour for the night.


I hope you enjoyed this look through my lens, so that you can feel what it's like to be in Vancouver at this time of year.

(Photos taken with my really old scratched $30 Canon point-and-shoot. Any aesthetics here are courtesy of Vancouver's natural beauty.)


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Really beautiful photos - upvoted!
Vancouver is a great city. Downtown is amazing, such a mix of people from everywhere in the world, there for almost any imaginable reason. Great for people watching.
Interesting that Marc Emery is off the signage at Cannabis Culture. I guess there was some negative press about him and some "metoo" accusations a year or two ago.

Nice pics! We love the old-style buildings and the skyscrapers along the water. Are you going to miss Vancouver? How was wandering around in pot shops while massively pregnant? hehe :) Also, what'dya get at Cannabis Culture?! A new rig or something? We can't wait to see, but no pressure or anything ;)

I love that $30 Canon, it was a good find, takes great pics. Vancouver is a magical place on unceded terrirory and an eclectic mix of the richest and elite clashing with the poor and homeless. I've loved it since I first started visiting in the 90s, I consider it my second home. I'm so happy our son could be born in this beautiful city with rich culture and history! Thanks for taking so many great pics!! :) :)

What a beautiful place, and great pics of it. I love the blue sky between the buildings. I would have thought it was a drainpipe without your comment. Big congrats on your newborn too, @drutter :)

@tipu curate


Thank you :D
And thanks for the feedback, I appreciate that.


You're welcome, @drutter. I'm glad I saw your post :)

Vancouver will always be home to us. So much activism was done there.


There's the Art Gallery right now.... under construction! Will we ever have a 420 farmers market there again? Hope so!


It seems like activism in Vancouver has forever been changed, with the raid of the 420 farmers market (right about where that dump truck is, in the photo).

vancity is my town :))
love the people and the city and the green! <3

Doesn't look like a spammy shitpost to me man! :-)


Hope not! I tried to follow several of the same things you do with your successful photo posts. These aren't my best photography, but I took many of them recently and figured it would make an alright post. I'm glad it was noticed by csquared. It will still get halved for curators and then almost halved again because it's nowhere near $10, but it's a start.
Also, I checked out my token situation on steem engine yesterday. I had about $4 worth of various nonsense. Turned it all into STEEM and used it to pay my monthly 3speak bill, then powered up the rest. Not sure I how I will change my "tag game", but I can see how the draw of free money (just for popularizing someone's tag/category) is strong. I don't want any other tokens, but if they can be turned into STEEM, I can definitely use that.


I don't want any other tokens, but if they can be turned into STEEM, I can definitely use that.

They can all be traded for steem on steem-engine. I've both kept some and traded some myself.

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It's good to get some support for quality posts like this - thanks!