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Mistakenly made a hoodie wear for superiorcoin, i told my cloth customizer to help me make a hoodie with bitcoin logo on it , and he mistakenly printed sup logo

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Love it!


Been using kryptonia for a while now. It so great because you'll get free coins just by connecting it to your social media account. Now i can make and complete task. Its a give and take process.


Yeah , exactly


Thanks a bunch

Kryptonia username GLENN DURAN


Yeah it is


Thank you

Nice work! can I get one? Lets continue to push superior coin because I see rising every soon.


Yeah i see that too ..very very soon

wow interesting anything to support superior coin am interested, keep it up.

Really love kryptonia, keep it up

I hope i can buy that one too..


U can get it made

Wow love it! 🤗


Thank you

nice hoodie... love it

Brilliant and my Kryptonia name is @ianstevenson


Thanks you

Turned out perfect love this one :)

my kryptonia username is @marylizacaindoy

Nice hoodie. You should sell them. Kryptonia id - @gyoungvyoung123 or gerry

Haha hell yeah man, that thing turned out sick

Kryptonia Username: Joseph Lacsamana

Being upvoted with @kryptonia is really a blessing

In love with krypto

That was a very nice mistake! 😂

Kryptonia Ma. Ella Aragon