Crowded Hell VS Remote Paradise

2년 전

You know what I hate?

Crowded beaches!



Ok I hate crowded places in general.. But especially at the beach you want your space. You go there to relax don't you? Moreover, when there are 1 million people there, even if you are in Copacabana -where you are not-, the water becomes filthy after a while and you end up swimming in a huge tanning-oil slick and other disgusting stuff... Smelling the feet of the one above your head is not ok either... Plus it's too noisy to do anything -to relax, to read a book or a magazine, to discuss with your friends.

If you like remote beaches, in Greece you have no excuse...

You cannot say "All beaches are crowded". Nuh-uh. Not here. Not in Greece...


And for me is either this...


Or nothing...


This is paradise...


A secluded beach with crystal clear waters...


(All these breathtaking beaches are located in Mani, Greece.)

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I’m in the same boat. No pun intended. All about the secluded, crowd-less beaches.


Of course!! :)) There is nothing better than that..

  ·  2년 전

I also do not like crowded beaches. Another thing is wild islands)))


You are right!! The more wild and silent, the better :))

I've been on such beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands... :D

I'm here courtesy of @onceuponatime re-steeming you. ;)





Oh unfortunately never been there!! I hope I'll go one day!! :))

Thank you!! :))

wow yes I know the feeling - Costa Rica also has deserted beaches.... that are just paradise.


Costa Rica!! Yes of course there are plenty of beautiful beaches there!! I have never been to any of those but my friends visited Costa Rica 3 years ago and they were more than excited!! :)

Lol I'll take the secluded paradise for sure, I like having the beach all to myself


Of course you do!!! Me too!! :))

But someone like to gather in crowded beaches.


Of course.. Otherwise there would be no crowded beaches :)

Nice beach, without people and with sun.


Definitely!!! :)) 100% agree!!

I would like you to try the Upper Peninsula of Michigan... Beautiful summers.


Really?? I would love to go there!! :))


Let me know if you ever visit


Of course!! :)

bleached beaches...😁 i too dont like crowds, noisy crowds.


:)) I can totally get it :)