Stairway to...


Sometimes we go up...


Sometimes we go down...


Which may be easier, but also scarier...

Going up on the other hand, is more difficult but it makes you better, wiser, stronger.


Every staircase is a new challenge.


Staring it up is not enough though. You also have to step up. Don't be afraid before you begin.


Just take one step at a time and move on.


Something beautiful is waiting for you at the top.


A new door, a new challenge...

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Going down scares me sometimes too:) Great photos Elia, if you like try using the #creativecoin tag so we can support you more:)


Thank you so much!! :)) And also thank you for the information!! :))


You are very welcome 😊

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"Don't be afraid before you begin."

Hah! You've got no idea some of the stairs I've had to face!





Oh my God! But now you must feel so good and proud of yourself for making it through!! So maybe I should add " will have all the time to get scared while you're in the middle of your way"!!

i enjoyed this post amazing shots


Thank you so much!! :))

Amazing photograph, The house looks like it is a little old


Thank you very much! It is an old traditional greek house indeed :)

Where is that?btw nice set of photos :)


Thank you very much!! All photos are from Tinos island in Greece :)

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kai dn ka8omai mes to spiti mou na exo tn isixia mou :p


χαχαχ είναι κι αυτό μια λύση..

Όλες αυτές έχεις τραβήξει από τον Άγιο Ρωμανό??


Όχι όχι γυρίσαμε πολλά χωριά... :))