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Hi @elmadriles
Don't know if you speak English but i will make a comment, my spanish is just the basics and spoken, so far. I will be taking Spanish course soon.

This is a great place to visit. I have been there a few times, I must admit that we have spent more time in Benalmadena. We have had some trips the last few years, where we have stayed in Fuengirola and taken trips to both this part and down to Marbella and Puerto Banos. Of course also visited Gibraltar.
We often go to Torrevieja and the places nearby. But the landscape near Torremolinos and this part of Spain is greener and more colorful.

Thanks for sharing the photo and enjoy the summer that is comming
Best regards @EveryDayCoachdan icon.jpg


Hey man thank for your upvote, I grow up in Torremolinos and I really love this place especially in the summer good weather good food nice people.