The 80's Queen Morgana - Reportage of a Shooting

5년 전

All this pictures are from an old shooting for a german fashion magazine.
The suggestive location was Ostia Skatepark , the theme of this shooting is obviously an 80's revival.

The "The Queen of 80" series wants to be a visual tribute to the 80s with wild haircut, overcoat jeans and Doc Martens, showing how the 1980s style is worn again in contemporary fashion. (2).jpg

For this shooting i used one of my favourite lens, the Canon 50 1.2L on my Canon 6D, the giant fifty is not the sharpest lense on the market, but i love how any shot is imperfect and magic at same time. (3).jpg

The most hard thing that i learn from this shooting is how to do a "vintage" color grading using Photoshop, and make a color coherence between all pictures. (4).jpg

I would have preferred it to be cloudy so that it would not have such "hard" shades, the light so strong despite the use of reflective panels was very complex to handle. (6).jpg

As you can see I'm not a lover of horizontal pictures at least in fashion, almost all the photos I took in the landscape ended up being discarded in post production (7).jpg

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