Catering Event Photography by Me?

2년 전

I never thought I would share the photos I take at a catering event cause it feels weird to me to just share food pictures on my blog, but here they are.

Today I was photographing at an event and now that I edited some of these pictures I thought why not share them? The person that makes this food and does all the decorations is actually so creative and always puts so much effort into what she does. I’m having such a fun time whenever I'm photographing what she has done and I usually lose track of time and everything in the process because of how creative and beautiful everything is.




She's honestly so great, look at all this. I love taking food pictures, but I don't really enjoy the food making process myself cause it always makes me panic, and it all started that one time I almost set my house on fire when trying to make basic pancakes. And today, for an example, I wanted to cook something that my mom does in 10 minutes, but I had to ask her a thousand times about all the details and on top of that I called my sister since I'm always scared I'll burn all the food :D the end result was actually alright, it tasted somewhat okay, not burned and the house is in a good condition. I can't imagine how much patience and dedication someone must have to make all this.

And you can't even see everything here, I have so many pictures yet for editing, but the whole thing was truly amazing.





This one below is my favorite. I took like a thousand pictures of it from so many different angles.





Shot with the Nikon D3400 and AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR

Should I share more of my catering photography? I'm in the mid process of editing these and I have a bunch of pictures left which I can upload in another post as well after they are done, but I’ve never seen catering photography here so I’ve no idea if anyone would be interested in seeing more of these kinds of posts, let me know what you think :)

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Should I share more of my catering photography?

Well you answered by yourself to the question with your next post and you did well! They are both beautiful posts and if you browse the #food tag you'll see that there is a lot of interest about food photography. There are also a lot of contests and challenges that you may want to enter. You may even find out that cooking isn't something to be afraid of, actually it can be pretty amusing :)
And yes, the one who prepared all this food definitely loves what she does! Please give her my compliments for her creations!


Haha well I noticed no one answered so I was like ok I'll take that as a yes :D btw thank you! I'm really glad you liked the posts, I'll also give her your compliments for sure :)
And yeah, I kinda knew about the #food tag where people write about food recipes and share things like that, but I wasn't sure about food catering and decorations, I've seen everything but that. I didn't know about the contests and challenges though, I'll definitely take that into consideration and maybe try to enter some of them :)
About the cooking, you're probably right, I just need to keep trying till I realize it's nothing to be afraid of. I hope I'll get to that point one day :)) Thanks again!