Snow-covered. My Winter close-up photos (10 original pictures)

4년 전

After a few days of heavy snowfall, the sun finally came out, and it's an excellent opportunity to get out of the house and find something beautiful in this cold and bleak season. Maybe even take a few photos...
Here, under the piles of snow, there is still life, and it looks beautiful.

После нескольких дней сильного снегопада наконец вышло солнце, и это прекрасная возможность выйти из дома и найти что-то прекрасное в этом холодном и мрачном времени года. Возможно, даже сделать несколько фотографий...
Здесь, под грудами снега, есть еще жизнь, и она выглядит красивой.











Camera: Canon Powershot A720

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Exellent! Very beautiful. You have a great ability to take pictures!

Very beautiful photos! Great combination of colors! Under the snow - greens, a shadow on the snow - from the rays of the sun, sparkling grains of snow. I got pleasure!


Que fotos tan bellas y maravillosas!! En mi ciudad llena de sol y calor, estas fotos me transportan a ese lugar tan frio y nevado!! Gracias...


I'm glad I helped you to feel this magic:-)
Thanks for your comment!

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Lol, photo-bot! You made so much noise as if you gave me a couple of dollars:-)))

wow amazing view. Thanks for capturing amazing view and shared with us. plants covered with thick snow is giving awesome look. keep sharing @erikaflynn

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