A cat mother with a very good heart.

3년 전

Have this cat that turned up one day and was going around the house making a lot of noice to draw attention to her I guess.
She was pregnant and looked like a balloon that could explode at any moment and was obviously looking for a safe place to give birth here because we are the only house on the road that does not have dogs.


Was not really up to having a cat here but well, emergency can cause you to bend the rules, so I found some rugs and put in a cardboard box that I placed behind some bicycles in the corner of my carport so that she could feel safe.

She had her three kittens and my wife have been feeding her but now suddenly 3 older kittens have turned up and she is breastfeeding them as well.

You see in the pictures the two small yellow, these ones are hers but the other bigger ones is not.

Maybe kindness actually do spread!

Happy you took the time to read my post.

Best regard
a Cat owner by coinsidence

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She does seem like a very good natured cat, to be taking care of kittens that are not even her own. Mother cats do tend to have a very nurturing nature.


That is a good mother, do you think that it could be her own kittens from earlier.



Could be the case, I do actually not know how long there is between pregnancies with cats.