A majestic animal just outside my room.

5년 전

Some smaller than the African that roar on the savanna but still a amazing sight. This is captured from my hotel room in southern Bangkok where I slept one night to await my return flight.
The hotel 'low budget' was next door to what seems a swamp but must say that I was a bit surprised to see an elephant just walking around and eating there on its own.


It is not that I do not know there is elephants in Thailand was just that I did not expect them them walking around near a major city.


It was bathing in the pit when I fist saw it and watched it a while playing there before I got my breath and thought about taking some pictures.


I watched it for a while and it does consume a lot of vegetation can see how that it can get in conflict with a local farmer that have grown corn or something, not sure that I want it feeding on my garden.


For sure a fantastic animal that should not be locked up in a zoo or used for tourists attractions.
I saw often baby elephants taken thru cities and people could buy sugar cane to feed them, not a life for such beautiful animals.

Pictures taken with a Sony Cybershot.

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i never see like that animal ever


Maybe you have not looked at the right places, kind of odd nick you picked :-P Happy New Year.


happy new year too

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This is just another reason Thailand is on my to-do list


It is one of my favorite spots and really wort a visit.

Nice photos of yours!


Happy that you like them.