Everybody Likes Peanuts: Coyotes - 27 November 2018 (Original Photos)


While setting up to photograph the sunrise during the early morning hours, I noticed to dark figures around the bird feeders in my backyard.

Photographs taken on 27 November 2018.

Early Morning

This test snapshot was taken 54 minutes before the official sunrise and indicates how dark it was.

Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/20; 30 sec.; ISO-100; 90mm

Two Figures

When I took my attention off the horizon I noticed two figures in my backyard. The figures were very interested in the area around the bird feeders. The two figures were about the size of dogs. That is when I realized the figures were the two coyotes that call this area home.

*Canon EOS 7D; f/5.6; 5 sec.; ISO-100; 90mm*

For this photo I shined a flashlight at the coyote.

Coyote Searching for Peanuts

*Original Video: Canon EOS 7D; f/5.6; 1/13 sec.; ISO-6400; 90mm*

I quickly adjusted the ISO on my camera for the extreme low-light conditions. I kept the exposure time short because the coyotes were constantly moving.

*Original Video: Canon EOS 7D; f/5.6; 1/13 sec.; ISO-6400; 90mm*

To my astonishment one of the coyotes was eating the peanuts that had fallen to the ground.

Practicing Night-time Wildlife Shots

The coyotes surprised me and I was not prepared to photograph them. I need more practice. What should I have done differently? I should have gone to a wide-angle or switched lenses to allow for a lower f-stop.


Image Source

Coyotes get their name from the Aztec word "Coyotl" which means "singing dog".


CameraCanon EOS 7D
LensCanon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Standard Zoom
FiltersTiffen UV Protection Filter, Tiffen Circular Polarizer Glass Filter
Monopodaluminum Vanguard monopod Abeo AP-284 4-stage medium-sized

Use of Photographs/Videos

I used the SteemIt icon in my photo credit to indicate these photographs were originally posted on SteemIt.
The photographs and videos in this post are free to be used by anyone as long as the photo credit is left on the photograph.

Photo Editing

Video editing performed with Adobe Primiere Elements 2018. Affiliate link to Amazon.com provided for your convenience.

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Wonderful effects and great efforts. Photography in dark is also effective.

Beautiful cemra work sir

Sir I also surprised Koyote eating peanuts, very nice pic you click photograph. thanks for sharing.

WOW! that must be so thrilling, that was amazing that you were able to quickly manage to adjust camera to get those amazing pictures.
keep flourishing.

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Hello my dear friend
At first take my loved and pray.
Your post is very goodand qualitfull

I like your new friends.
Quick thinking with the camera and thanks for sharing it with us.

Excellent you shared the best post from there incredible to check this out

great night shooting

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