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Sleep until noon, spend additional three hours in bed looking at youtube videos and scrolling through Steemit, take a half an hour shower and have an existential crisis while you are at it. Get ready for a grocery run and look like you have been out socialising all day and have your shit together. Come home, cook, eat, watch Netflix, sleep. Oh and take a pic. Welcome to the life of an Eve.




Ps. We don't actually wear shoes inside in Finland.

How are you guys?

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A pretty good life indeed ;-)


Well, it’s all relative :)

Lol that life can get pretty addictive I know I struggled with it at first when I started working from hone so I had to set up a routine to get myself out of that funk because it can get so darn Cosy at times

Also Netflix ain’t as good as it used to be so that sort of helps! I’m just refreshing my screen waiting for the Irishman and the witcher to come out


With me I go throug stages of being really strick with myself and having a good routine, and other times I am a complete mess. Now it has been messy time.

I change between netflix and hbo, just watched Queen of the South and now I don’t have any series to follow. I need to keep an eye on those, seem interesting!


I haven't seen Queen of the South looks interesting, I'll give it a go once I finish Narcos lol been putting it off for some time now because of all the subtitle reading. I'm also watching Mr Robot, season 4 just started :P


Too much Spanish on that one? 😁 I need to watch Mr. Robot too, I think I’ve only watched the first two seasons.

Had a similar day. Just rolled out of bed at 4 PM, trying to sleep off the end of a cold after working through it all week. Pretty dis-orienting. Big difference being I'm not about to go anywhere except back to sleep.

I'm trying to creep on your library but I can't make out any of the titles, but they're probably in Finnish anyway, joo?

We don't actually wear shoes inside in Finland.

Surely, exceptions should be made for boots like that.


I hope you are feeling better already.

My books are probably 50/50 english and finnish, there is a mix of classic novels, fantasy, crime, some cookbooks and random stuff. My favourite authors are J. K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, Chuck Palahniuk and Dan Brown.

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Hi @eveuncovered a while back I got the link for a Steemit post search tool from you but the computer I had it on died and I cannot find the link again. Would you mind posting it again for me? Thanks and have a wonderful day/night/moment!


That is it! Thanks so much! It is so handy! :)


I remember some lines from a long time ago - you've forbidden yourself from having laptop in bed. Guess you threw out bad habbits :P :)

Nice photos, classy look!


You have a really good memory! The laptop has been sleeping next to me lately..... Bad bad bad.