Challenging Myself



I like to do self portraits, you know that by now, but doing those, I have trouble with eye contact and showing my face, I'm scared of the camera. You'd think I'd be super comfortable in front of the camera after doing it for so long, and knowing that I'm in full control of the outcome. I can be as silly as I can, it doesn't matter if I blink at a wrong time, it doesn't matter if I make a stupid face, I can erase all of those bad shots (and spots) and the world will never see them. Yet I still avoid looking at the camera, the same way I avoid eye contact in real life.

What I am very comfortable in is my body and the way I use it, and you can see that in my images, and in real life. I don't feel the need to hide my body and I carry myself well. It's all a matter of confidence, and I'm rarely very confident about my face.

Yesterday I had a good face and hair day and I decided to sit down and take pictures where the face and upper body play the leading role. It took some time to warm up to have a face off with the camera, and win the staring competition.






Self portrait shot with the Fujifilm x100f.

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Thank you for posting the Eve vs camera event.
I think WE won! 🙃


Yay everyone wins, medals for everyone! Participation awards yayyyyy!

I hope this doesn't come out sounding too crass, but I have to say that you have accomplished something that really toots my horn here.
You have done an excellent job, of using shadow to contrast, and to highlight the feminine form.
I especially like the hint of the nipple through the T-Shirt; but you have also managed to outline and thereby enhance the slightly swollen Areola with shadow, which really sets these photos apart. You can judge me now or agree if you do, either way I say Magnificent photos.
Be Brave.
Love One Another.
In Light and Love
Giant Hugs<3<3<3


Thank you very much and I’m happy to hear you like these pictures. You are being perfectly civil with your comment, not to worry :)

You might be interested to know I just posted more from the same set.

Stun stunner stunning. Yep, that's what these images are.


My humblest thank you! ☺️

Nice to see that you focused on your face for a change. The first photo is perfect, great expression and the window light is wonderful. One can notice you are more comfortable when your body is the in main the main focus, but well done anyway!


And I’m hiding in the unfocused spot so of course I’m more comfortable 😂😝 but thank you!