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Really like the tones in here, really seems like you'd be some vampire mistress bathing under full moon.

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Congratulations, keep up the great work!

I think this pics were taken before the foccacia hehe hyvää yötä eve!


Yes, two or three years prior! 😂 Hyvää yötä ja kauniita unia, oman kullan kuvia!

You are on fire 🔥

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What, where!? Is it my hair!? Oh no no not my hair, I love my hair! Hjelp me!


Haha good one 😂

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Staying awake doesn't sound so bad given those lovely photos, but after a full work day I'm sleepy. Besidse, after seeing your post I'll probably sleep even better! 🙂 Have a good night, sleeping or awake!


Still here, still creepin on the internet cause I can’t sleep. Oh well. Sleep tight!

Pic 2: A new spin on the hand-bra.



I like making things harder than they have to be 😁

That's a cool comparison of ribs and fingers. These are named well, as they look very peaceful like the full moon outside right now. The night-blooming jasmine is scenting my moon gazing at the moment, and it is lovely. I am moon gazing, both literally and figuratively :)

Are you also made of cheese? 🧀

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Missed this when you first posted it. I'm glad i came over to look. The cute little moon got me smiling and that second one knocked me out! Bravo!


Hahahah I hope there was something soft for you to fall on 😝 thanks for stopping by!