I’ve spend all afternoon and evening getting ready and shooting some new racey pictures for you. I smoked out my eyes and slicked my hair into a tight ponytail, carefully pulled on fishnet stockings without putting any additional holes in them and slipped on a pair of Louboutins. Heels, swimsuit and stockings count as an outfit right?

I use my phone as a remote and at some point the app froze and created this pretty cool double exposure I managed to snap a screenshot of before it started working again. I never do double exposures but this makes me think should I make a set in similar style in post process. I always take several images with the camera in same position and just me moving so I might be able to do some cool stuff like the accidental one today. Let me know if you’d like to see that.

Now I have the whole night to go though the images and start working on them. I’ll see you tomorrow with the first finished pictures.


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Great picture

Black is beautiful! What a great exposure. Nice shot 👍

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I really like the monochrome combination

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Looks a good outfit to me! More double exposures would be fun too :)


You know when ever I shoot wearing something ridiculous, I always think ”what if someone rings the doorbell right now”.


Haha! That would be so funny. I should be so lucky some time

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