Spot of Light, Glimmer of Hope - in BW

26일 전


I posted a set of images the day before yesterday, and I did them in colour because I know you like that and I'm nice like that. These black and white versions are for me, cause it's what I prefer. I left out the vertical images from this set because I prefer the mood of these without them.

I think most people who are not into photography, think that turning the image in to black and white happens with one push of a button and it's done. In theory yes, but applying a readymade black and white filter does not always yield great results. It took me along time to learn that you have to adjust individual colours to make proper distinctions between different colours and tones. For example, these images had a lot of warm tones, with my skin, hair and the armchair, so it took me quite a while to get red, yellow and orange levels all to a perfect balance, if there is such a thing as perfect.





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I don't know why but in these pics you remind me the actress Scarlett Johansson 💕❤️

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I’ll take that compliment gladly, thank you!

I like the last one best.

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Thanks! I don’t look like myself at all in it 😁

You killed the sofa.


It wasn’t me, I just paid for it.

All legit - Last one more legit than the others. (Legitter?) New word. 😉

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I like the third one down, with the light on the face. It has that look of You are intoxicated by my charm...but just wait until you see what I have in my purse. What is it that is in your purse? Now I'd really like to know...


I just might be intoxicated myself 😝 I’d totally make a ”what’s in my purse” but I hardly own any and try and avoid having to carry one when ever possible. I just stuff the essentials into jacket pockets, and there is nothing of interest there 😅