Trust Me, I’m a Professional

22일 전


As the days grow darker, I’m determined to get better at using what ever electric lights I have inside, natural light being unavailable.

I never use flash and refuce to do so, it’s so ugly, so I’m trying to get creative with the one light I have that I can move around. Not the most convenient way to light a portrait with a ceiling lamp that I let loose and propped on top of a chair, that is in top of the bed. Then I wrapped a sheet of baking paper over it to soften the light a tiny bit. I used dark velvet curtains as my backdrop, which work really nicely because they suck up all the light.

Those Redhead lights are starting to seem really tempting right about now. I had a really hard time getting this set up to work but I think I finally got something out of it. I only processed this one shot for now, and I’ll show you a few more tomorrow. In the meantime, feast your eyes on my super professional studio set.


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There's a portuguese word for that: "desenrascanso"! 😂 It basically means that you get stuff done getting creative and using whatever you can/have to make it work. And looking at the result... mission acomplished!


I’m trying to think if we have anything similar in Finnish but I don’t think we do. That is a very useful word! 😁


That is a very useful word! 😁

Sure is! And we use the "skill" a lot. 😂


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Nice shot, lighting and shadowing really make central subject clear and crisp.


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