Sunset GranTurismo, los angeles.

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Sunset GranTurismo is an exotic and hyper car show held on the second Sunday of every month. Some of the worlds most rare super cars, hyper cars, luxury and exotics take over the Sunset Plaza parking lot on sunset blvd in Los Angeles from 9-11 am. If you are in the LA area i highly recommend giving this show a visit. It is free to walk around the cars and even free coffee!

brabus 6x6.jpg
The monstrous Mercedes Benz 6x6 Brabus 700. The ultimate luxury off-road vehicle with a hefty price tag.

A lovely new red Viper GTS leaving the show in front of @robdahm in his incredible Lamborghini diablo.

amg gtr 6x6 veyron.jpg
You will not be disappointed checking this show out. The Mercedes 6x6 700, an AMG Gtr and Floyd Mayweather's former Bugatti Veyron SuperSport.

The Mercedes Benz AMG SLS in an incredibly bold spec.

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