Freeing my mind in the National Park

2년 전

I have not been on steemit for a while. I have cut back on my online activity and left a few groups. I needed to withdraw for a bit. I have been sharing my photography online for many years and have enjoyed the interaction and friendships that developed, but hings went a bit stale and there are so many rules to comply in groups and so many people telling me what to do and what is good and nor so good. I just had to get away.

I am now getting out again and taking photos unencumbered by all that rubbish. Recently I went with a group of people for a walk in The Mornington Peninsula National Park quite close to where I live. All the photos here are from that day.


We walked together for a while and then I went off on my own. The vegetation is varied in different areas of the park and if you walk far enough you come to the beach. i didn't get that far.


I cleared my mind and let my senses direct me. I got totally lost in the imagery of the twisted trees and the foliage of the grass trees. In fact I didn't walk far at all there was so much to take in within a couple of kilometers.


I have lived in the area for nearly four years but had not been to that section of the park but will definitely be going back. I have not done much landscape photography over the past few years mainly concentrating on urban and street photography. And although I think those areas of photography will remain my main focus I will certainly get into the national park and free my mind every now and again.



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Beautiful pictures :)


Thank you very much

I hope you enjoyed yourself and was able to free your mind


I certainly did both.