A little Squirrel monkey

2년 전

A little Squirrel monkey


I shot this picture in the zoo of leipzig with a not so expensive canon camera.
The zoo is really amazin, they have different themed areas like "africa" or "gondwana". You can find species that belong to that area. The Gondwanaland is a really big hall with tropic temperature and humidity. Not all animals there have cages, the monkeys for example can actually walk around the area as they want. If you will ever be in leipzig (city located in germany), you should give it a try and visit the zoo there. It's quite next to the city centre.

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Really great actually 😂😂

What a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Great shot, I need to go to the zoo


It'll be worth it. Do you have plans to visit europe?


Would love to but no plans, thinking the Zoo in Montreal or Toronto.

Nice shot. Gondwanaland is on my bucket list :)


You didn't know the zoo yet? Then go ahead and visit this beauty. It's my favorite zoo here. :)

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What a shot beautiful

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Nice shot I need to witness it in zoo

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