My adobe illustrator drawing

2년 전

Project - Drawing 11947916384.png

This is my second drawing on a friend TIANA ALFRED , using adobe illustrator draw, right from my mobile PHONE, it might not be as easy as you might think, it's some hours work, am just a beginner hoping to get more out of this app
Below are some of the prefinished view


This firs here is the original picture I took from facebook to make this lovely creation 👆


I couldn't get some of my startings and beginning of the sketch but this came after the first, second and third layer has been marged I finally got this 👆

And finally the main character is here 👇,
All this was done using my cellphone and it wasn't easy, with adobe illustrator draw ,you can do a whole lots of amazing things and creative drawings, it will not be easy for the first time, this actually is my second work


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Thank you so much and more of my drawings will be uploaded from now on you can even get yours

I love you
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