Bird of Prey on a branch - Falcon

9개월 전

When i walk around in the nature near crop fields i often find falcons flying around or wating on a branch for mice so thow up. Falcons are not so extremely shy and you can find them pretty often here in austria. But they are not always very easy to spot when they sit on a branch because of their camouflage colore. But if you wait on a field for one to show up you might have luck because they are pretty common here. I nearly see one every day doing their special flight manouvre ove the fields.

Falcon sitting on a branch, waiting for some mice to show up. Picture: Florian Glechner.

Most of the time they fly away when i get to close, so they are carefully watching my steps as i come closer and closer for the perfect shot. If they don't move they are still very good masked with the branches in the background and it is not that easy to spot them, but since there are still no leaves on the trees its easier.

Because i came pretty close it is also carefully watching me. Picture: Florian Glechner.


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Great photo! He has a great disguise.

Great timing of your publication. I had my first Peregrine Falcon in a young tree just outside my dining room window, near my bird feeders. I sure it was not there for the seeds. I took photos through the window, so they did not come out as good as I like.

Your photographs are great.