Close Up WIth a Dead Cicada (Original Photography)

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It's been awhile, but I finally had a chance to get back on Steem. These photos are a bit... macabre.

Dead and Gross

This cicada was stuck to the wooden structure my parents use to saw long slabs of wood into smaller pieces for the fireplace. It was very dead, but fascinating. It seems to have died while in the process of molting, leaving a gruesome Aliens-esque scene.

Crazy Alien Scene

As to what killed the thing, I have no idea. I'm no entomologist. It makes for a creepy scene, though!

R.I.P Ug Lee Bug

It's been awhile since my last post. Between one of the worst cold viruses I've had in many years, spending the weekend hanging drywall, and a lot of very rainy weather, I haven't had much time, energy, or opportunity to get out and take photos. Things are looking up a bit, though. I have an in-person interview coming up and the sun even came out.

Thank you for taking a look! If you enjoy my work, please click the upvote button. Comments are also greatly appreciated.


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Oh thanks for the laugh...(UG Lee Bug) Too funny. On the bright side of hanging drywall with a cold, at least you will mostly be looking up so your nose shouldn't run too bad :) I really loved the dead bug the way you did it!


Ha. Well the drywall wasn't too bad. The fiberglass was pretty nasty, though. I ended up with tiny cuts all over, despite using protective gear.

Those are a little macabre, but so cool! I'm glad you got a little sun! We could use some rain over here. Maybe yours is on the way to us! Congratulations on the interview! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


Thanks! The pay rate is a little less than I'd hoped for, but my rent in the area is cheap enough and I may be able to sell some photography or drawings to bolster my income.

Unfortunately, our weather usually comes from the northwest and heads on toward the east coast! Hopefully Canada will keep sending sunshine for awhile!


The rain arrived today, and I will pretend it came from you! Ha ha.

You've not posted your drawings before. At least not that I have seen. What do you draw?

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I start by toning the page black with compressed charcoal and using an eraser to draw. It looks great in person, but doesn't photograph well. I think it has to do with the texture and the way it reflects light.

One of the projects I've been working on occasionally is creating "family portraits." At first glance, most people miss the cyclops. :-)

That is bizarre! I'm glad you said what it was because I probably wouldn't have figured it out! Glad you found some time to post! ⌚😘


Thanks! I thought it was pretty gross, but fascinating in a way :-)


Yep. Gross describes it pretty well!

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Quite fascinating though...


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Congratulations, keep up the great work!

Maybe Macabre yes, but super cool shots :)


Most welcome 🙂🙂👍