Late Night Lanscapes (Original Photography)

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The last few nights, I've headed out into the countryside in search of color and clouds. Finally finding this old barn again, I marked it on my vehicle GPS, and made the return trip twice in a row. This photo was taken on the first evening, about fifteen minutes after sundown, and I was able to capture some of the subtle color of the sky and bring out the smattering of clouds.

Missing a Piece or Two

I'd love to be able to get into the barn just before dawn, to capture the first rays of sunlight streaming through the interior. There's no way to tell to whom the barn belongs and it would probably be a little dangerous to enter. It did survive the heavy winter snows that collapsed many other structures last winter.

Bumpy Barn?

Last night, I headed back to the same spot. Before heading to the barn, however, I found the little school house again. There was another photographer there! That's something I did not expect to see. There's almost never anyone out in these spots in the evening.

Lernin's Done

This time, using a tripod, I was able to get some nice, crisp photos. The sign is even fully legible this time. As it turns out, the building is a school house.

Backwards Sunset

This is actually three images stacked on top of each other, for a total exposure time of about ten minutes. The orange sky on the right side (in the east) is actually the light from the city of Mankato, where I currently live. If you look closely, you can also see a few fireflies that decided to add their artistic touch to the photo.

Very Heavy Tumbleweed

I'll be off to Rochester for the weekend, again, for an interview and to take care of the brown hound dog. We'll see if I find any interesting photos on the way...

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THese are some great relaxing photos!


Thanks! They weren't so relaxing to get (darn mosquitos!) but worth the effort :-)

Did the other photographer live in the same town as you? That would be neat to see someone else photographing. Thanks for the photos, they are always enjoyable. Maybe Vern is feeling up to a photo shoot :)
Good luck with the interview!


The other photographer actually lives closer to that area. It turns out, that barn is actually only about a mile out of Lake Crystal, the little town southwest of Mankato.

The interview went very well, but I don't think I can pull off that job. It's for teaching a single class for one semester, with no chance of further work. It wouldn't even pay the bills, and I'd have to relocate to take it.

We'll see about Vern. He'd do pretty much anything for a piece of bacon, but photos with droolly slobber-ropes aren't very attractive!


Haaa, I can picture Vern with the bacon :)
Bummer with the no-go job offer BUT I had always wanted to be an ambulance attendant. THAT job ended abruptly and I took a shitty job as a bookkeeper which ended up being life changing. Just giving you a glass half full perspective :)


On another note, I got a pair of response letters from a company I applied to. The position they had available close-by in Minneapolis sent me a rejection letter. The one in the Bahamas was a "moving-on-to-the-next-step" letter. Maybe I'll get an interview? If so, hopefully an in-person one! lol

Howdy sir fotosdenada! Wonderful country scenes there with that old barn and the one room(I assume) school house..both must be over a hundred years old. But anyway, that was a great use of sky colors!


Thanks. The school is, for sure. That sign says "Oliver School 1888." I wonder if Olvier was the name of a now-gone town.


Howdy sir fotosdenada! Good question, I wonder if there was a tradition on what to name schools after, it may indeed be the long-lost town of Oliver!

Wonderful images @fotosdenada I love that time of night as the lighting can produce some very appealing touches, not to mention; the formation of interesting silhouettes.


Thank you. It is a lot of fun, as long as the mosquitos aren't too bad.


Very true! I hate those pesky mosquitoes and I just wish they hated me. 😄

As always, your photos are splendid! !Tip

I love the countryside. I lived in a village (close to a plain) between 2015 and approximately the half of 2018, and I loved it. I will probably also move to live in the countryside in the near future. Probably in a few months.


I'm fortunate to have the best of both worlds. The little city I live in is small enough that I can drive out into the countryside in about ten minutes.

Thise are some awesome photos! They would make some great farmhouse decor.
Guess that other photographer had the same idea you did!


I think that these photos would be good decorations to any house/building, not just/only farmhouses.


Thanks! The other photographer was only really interested in the schoolhouse. I've actually spent a lot of time over the last few years seeking out old barns in various states of disrepair, since they make great photo subjects :-)

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