50mm photography. How I see the world.

4년 전

Leica M240 / Summilux 50 asph

50mm is one of my favourite focal lenght, the other one being 35mm. A bit classic, a bit modern.

Leica M240 / Summilux 50 asph

Being a normal lens, I needed a fast aperture lens to create a super bokeh like this. And quality to achieve perfect sharpness at full aperture. I used Canon 50 1.2L, Sigma ART 50 1.4, Leica Summicron 50 and Summilux 50 asph. The SIGMA and Summilux are the best of the bunch, the sigma has the best quality/price ratio.

Leica M240 / Summilux 50 asph

I even use 50mm for interesting landscapes like this one.

Leica M240 / Summilux 50 asph

Even more, the 50mm is suited to portrait photography.

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You really captured that cat in a good shot! I have been using my 35mm more and more lately


well i got lucky! been chasing that cat for 10 minutes...with a manual focus, rangefinder camera at f/1.4!


Oh well, Ive taken so many 'lucky' shots...those are the ones we are most happy with in the end cause they were so unexpected

You have a really good camera man!

Very nice photos. The reduced depth of field is a great thing...


i'm trying to acquire a noctilux 50 f/0.95 ...
without being killed by my wife

great shots! A 50mm prime is a wonderful lens. I have a Zeiss 50mm 1.4 planar lens. It was expensive but it is one purchase i will never regret.


wow that'an amazing lens! too bad they don't make that for Leica M mount, only the older Sonnar.
If you're into 50mm as I do, check out the new 7artisans 50mm f/1.1
it's a cheapo for 300 EUR, I got one incoming, I will do a review soon, so FOLLOW ME! ;-)


yeah, that lens is my baby. That 7artisans lens looks fantastic. I will definitely check out your review of it! Followed ;) The Chinese are starting to come out with some excellent cheaper lenses to compete. I'm quite interested in a macro lens that is putting all others to shame: Laowa 60mm f/2.8 2X Ultra-Macro.


Agreed 300€ for a 50 1.1 and 400€ for the laowa 60mm are relatively dirt cheap for photography lenses. Even 50$ yongnuo 50mm 1.8 isn't that bad!

The cat! Love the picture of both the cat and the lady. Nicely done!

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