Photo Report : Boom festival 2016 ( Art, Music, Environment, Culture, Shamanism )

6년 전

This year I had the chance to participate to the Boom festival. This transformational festival happen every two year in the magical Portugese spot of Idanha-a-Nova.

Originally a psytrance event, the festival evolved into an alternative venue, gathering people from all over the world, and proposing lectures, live music, art installation, performances, workshops, film screenings, group and individual meditations, discussion, an art gallery, street theatre, fire performances & more.

Here is a photo report of the 2016 edition, that I divided into 6 categories : Lectures, Workshops, Music, Art performances, Art Installation and Portraits.

Enjoy the ride !


Everyday was a different theme, the days 4 ( Shamanism), 5 (Humanist Technology, hacking and Ai) and 6 (Ecology and Permaculture) were particulary appealing to me.

interdisciplinary view of madness & altered states / Dr. Joan Obiois Llandrich and Adam Aronovich

Altered Global States & Public Consciousness Espansion / Bruno Torturra

How to Disrupt the Financial Order with Humor, Creativity and a dose of Mischief / Oriana Elicabe - Enmedio

Shamanism 2.0 - Psychedelic Profiteers and the Recuperation of the Transcendent / David Nickles - DMT-Nexus

Autonomous community based Wireless Networks in Latin America and Europe / Altermundi, Guy, Isa


Workshops were held in groups or individual sessions, ranging from Yoga to Sweat Lodge.

Biotransenergics / Andrea Molinary

Gongs Planetary Frequencies Sound Journey / Angelo Sunrider

Fungal & Mushroom applications for a better, cleaner and healthier World / by Mariana & Pedro Oliveira

Apache Thunder clap / by Michael Hill

Kung Fu / Guilherme Luz

Yoga / by Joana Carvalho Yoga

Sacred Circle Sweat Lodge / by Benjah


Aside from the Psytrance, there were many live acts and shows, from electro, afro-beats to flamenco.

Umeme Afro Rave




Tó Trips


Many Art performances, with street theatre & bubbles sunset for example.

Bubble Masters

Fire Artists

Living Statues DJs (LSD)

Art / Installations

From Visionary art to sculptures and Live Robot Band

Luke Brown - Visionary art

Kolja Kugler - Artist/Robot


Some portraits of the beautiful crowd seen there.

Follow me for more photo reports !

© Rubens Ben

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very nice photos ;)
are you ready for next year ?
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