On a rainy day on my island

2개월 전


It had been a drizzly afternoon. I was on my way to work. After only a short distance, I discovered that the street was flooded. I became entrapped inside. Because of the high flow of water, I was unable to walk. I grew up in a rainy city. Rain is one of my favorite things. However, when I first arrived on this island, rain did not appeal to me at all.

If it begins to rain incessantly, it becomes tiresome. If it's pouring cats and dogs. It is exceedingly hot and dry when there is no rain. It's tough to leave the house without wearing sunglasses or a hat.


These are peaceful islands with a modest population. We all want to spend some quiet time now and then. However, this is not always the case. It's both lovely and boring at the same time. These kinds of places are wonderful for traveling, but they are not at all pleasant to live in for an extended period of time.

Water drainage system is very poor leading to this water collection after rain. Currently city corporation is working on it. Hopefully we will get rid of this problem pretty soon.

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