Beautiful place to visit! I invite you at Neptune lake

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One of the most beautiful lake from Dobrogea

Appreciated as a true seaside garden, the Neptun resort is located between Olimp and Jupiter at only 7 km north of Mangalia and 38 km from Constanta. Neptun enjoys a special ambiance due to the Comorova forest and the two freshwater lakes (Neptune I and Neptune II), arranged on the former Comorova marsh. Due to the forest that surrounds it, the resort benefits from a special microclimate; on the hot summer days there is the coolness maintained by the rich vegetation, because during the cold winter months the forest is an efficient obstacle in the way of the Dobrogea winds.



With an disturbing beauty, the freshwater lakes of Neptune look like wild oases. On the gloss of these lakes you will see swans, geese, ducks and gulls. I'm not talking about the blooming white lilies that shine in the sun. Moreover, the lakes in this resort are rich in fish, and on the shore you find many passionate fishermen who try their luck. It impressed me that the lakes reflect a multitude of colors due to the abundant vegetation. Those who love photography have the opportunity to capture spectacular landscapes.


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super loc.Multumim pentru postare.


Într-adevăr Ionut! Cu siguranță ai vizitat locul acesta, daca nu.. E ocazia perfecta!

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