Monochrome portraits

2개월 전


I've not taken any photos with my camera since the trip to Thailand.

Today, when I was in Leo's school, I used my phone to capture the event. This evening I just couldn't take the withdrawal symptoms anymore and just whipped out the camera.

Since I have never really done these kinds of one flash portraits before, I decided to try them out.

Here are the results:




How do you like them?

The one with Miro reminds me of an older photo I took in 2013:

Miro "Bruce Willis" in 2013

Such a dramatic kid.

See ya later!

Edit: I screwed up the formatting of the post, needed fixing.

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Ah, yes the Bruce Willis shot. Heh heh.

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It definitely paid off. Great photos.

Your photographs convey a lot of naturalness. Thanks for sharing. Happy day @gamer00.

Very strong black and white photos! Very nice contrast! Which lens did you used for portrait?


Oh! The really heavy one!! It works wonder!

These photos I liked as it seems so old photos of different action hero’s 🤣 aren’t they? Let me know

Glad to bump into your post again. You may rearrange your tags, without tribes, put them on the first five. That's where the public exposure lies.


I didn't really understand, but thank you. 😅


Only the first five tags is searchable from the feed. After 5th tags, the rest will only pickup by bots, not humans. #neoxian is a tribe tag, you can put it after the first five tag. Prioritize the "human" tags on the first five. Tribes tags can put behind.

Wow those monochrome photography are so great! Nice one from your dramatic kid!



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heheh so cool the last one was too good

Shadows within.

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it is perfect shot

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Beautiful photo

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Wow...............nice disply of photographic skill

Very beautiful potraite collection...

Wonderful photographs.

Hey Man! So amazing life photos !
I like monochrome on real emotions photos , because people emotions have they own colors!

Great shots looks powerful in black and white

Howdy! Where are your new posts?!

What’s up!? How’s your pet snake?!

Have a warm day!


I'm a bit under the weather, with stuffy nose and a throat ache. I might have contracted a cold.

I've been writing a Steemfest post during the last week, but it is still in the drafts. (After that's done I'll check out the rest of the photos.)

Kiemis ate a couple of days ago and is now digesting the mouse.

I think I'm going for some hot tea right now.

Have a warm day!


😅 👍


Oh! I think you definitely have a cold!!

Do some Tai Chi!! Hahaha. Like those Chinese film, you could move your chi to get better fast! It’s only real in the film!

Those brown trees with snow give me a big shiver!! Oh! No! Brandy for me to keep warm!

Post some photos of snakes!! Your camera is much better than mine.

Try to keep warm somehow!

Excellent photographey