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a do humara dill...lelo jaan... aisa b koi karta hai kya?

It's beautiful.
Have u clicked this picture?

Mast place hai bhai

wow that's great looking is very beautiful

nice post pleassss 👏👏 upvt to upvt


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Superb photography. I appreciate.
You are taking lots of efforts for getting these beautiful photos.
Thanks for sharing

Hello @ganeaysh nice post man...

How can we reach there via train???


Nearby station is Shivajinagar Station in Pune.


it like sky is on valley and u can touch sky i will go there when i will get time

Hi, I am Sohag form Bangladesh. I am new on Steemit.
Please read the post: Let's know what is the 7th wonders of the world

Really beautiful.

What a wonderful photography...and what a peaceful place is that...

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