In the loving Memory of PUAN #SYDNEY ZOO#Orangutan

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Hold on tight, steemians !!! – as we are about to swing through the trees to meet one of nature’s coolest and most closely related creatures to humans ..none other than Orangutan

With the news of death of oldest Orangutan in Australia
Trying to refresh my memories with Orangutan .

Orangutan . derived from the word orang+hutan where orang means person and hutan means forest Thus, orangutan literally means Person of the forest

These are red-haired apes found in the tropical rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo in southeast Asia.
The genetic make up is 97% as similar with humans

It can stretch its arms longer than their bodies - over 7 ft. from fingertip to fingertip - and are used to employ a "hookgrip." And walk on ground with palms and fists

The most handsome male orangutans is supposed to be one having large cheek pads ,whose main purpose is to attract any beautiful chick orangutans..:)..


Juvenile orangutans are very playful they just utilize all there energis in play fight in the tress like human babies just the difference is it is not afraid of heights

One more difference between humans,and orangutans is having opposable thumbs. Their big toes are also opposable.

They have good strength, which enables them to swing from branch to branch and hang upside-down from branches for long periods of time to retrieve fruit and eat young leaves.

Funny thing about them one of zookeeper shared with me is they love to eat soap, which does not upset their stomach don’t know how? and will lather their arms before eating the frothy treat…what the hell it get from this…

Unlike other relatives of ours such as chimpanzees, gorillas these gangly guys don’t like to live in groups. So I can say they are antisocial animal likes me so that’s the reason I like them more..

A female will usually have a baby (or two) with her, but males like to be alone.

They are sadly under endangered species list majorly due to deforestation which reduced their habiat significantly

Wish you all wonderful wednesday

Photographed with Canon camera Actual image

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it's so amazing to see, great post


Wow so ur earning so. Much on comment...

Wow! Awesome photography of orangutan.
Enjoy there! 🤗

Thanks for sharing this post @geetasnani.

without a doubt they are impressive beings, a pity that their species is in danger of extinction, due to human beings and their obsession with the unjustified destruction of their habitat.


Pretty nice shots you have of this animal. Your love for animals knows no bounds i believe.😀


Thanks for stopping by

Nice details about orangutan and thanks to share you experiences and story

I learned something today. I didn't know about this species. I cracked up when you said they like eating soap, and it doesn't even upset their stomachs. How??? LOL. That's one of nature's wonders indeed. Did you say genetic resemblance is 97% wow! That's incredible. That's as close as it can get. Very interesting are these Persons of the Forest


Really you came to know about them nw... Omg...

Yeah.. Hehe they like to eat soaps

I guess they are famous in Asia.. Where ur from?? Its true they are more closer to us genetically...

Thanks for stopping by... Even the resemblance of hair colour is with auburn haired people..

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Well written and informative.


Thank you

gracias por este post.... muy buena la informacion y las fotos.... me encanto

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Wow! The orangutan looks so awesome! I especially liked the one you have called "handsome" - the look on it's face is amazing, it's almost as if it were thinking "Can I have my meal in peace? Don't you have anything better to do other than stare at me?"

Also, the meaning of the name of orangutan ("Person of the forest") was something new and interesting for me. It's very unfortunate and sad that such a beautiful creature has been rendered an endangered species by us. Thanks for sharing!


Wow.. So long comment... Thanx for taking time to write... Haha yeah i was staring at this handsome orangutan with big cheek pads... And these species hang on trees they are person of forest... And highly affected by deforestation and they dnt have place to live.. As they love to be in isolation and shy creatures..

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This orangutans remind me Hollywood filim king Kong a great movies it was, and nice you have written and amazing photo captured.


Haha yeah.. King Kong it was nice showing emotions too:) thanx for stopping by...

Funny face there

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*Nice photo-shot, nice memory, nice words, you have explained the nature in beautiful words. So, here we go
thumbs up .png


you are welcome

O his fur is amazing.
First is in some deep thoughts...
Orangutan was also featured in Planet of APES movie, i guess
Fourth one is quite busy in eating veggies.
They might be quite heavy i guess.
Wonderful photos.
Thanks for sharing.

upvoted and followed :)


:D yaay

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As far as orangutangs go, 'twas a lovely exposition. It comprehends quite sharply the absolutist meaning behind the "man" of the "forest."

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I could sing, yes I could ramble. I could chim or pan or zee!

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Geetasnani soar forth to display.

Lo! Behold! The Crimson
Forest-Man, Watch
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Nice Picture geetasnani ! :D
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Thank you so much... Will surely connect:)

Very informative post....The difference you showed between man and orangutans is so informative..And I liked the picks as well..Keep up amazing work....

Cool images and awesome story behind. I am a fan of these orangutans this is simply wow for me. Really like it's silky red hair. Looms handsome as well compared to other apes. Indeed well written and manged post @geetasnani.😍😍😍


Thank you for stopping by.. One more fact about them is that.. The red haired people directly descended from orangutans who also have flowing beautiful auburn hairs... So u can relate anyone asking.. Are you a ginger??

I am glad to have found and followed your account buddy.

Your method of writing is what fascinates me the most.