These Colorful, Cutest Dolls!!....

6개월 전

Hi Guys... Had a great time visiting a Tourism Spot, and a nearby place called Pilikula Nisargadhama, where there is a beautiful museum, a lake garden, a zoo, a botanical garden, a Planatarium etc, maintained by our Government.

There is an ancient house, called 'Guthu Mane'. A Very Big House, (actually they have built a replica of an ancient house) is built by the Government and maintained as a museum to represent the Ancient Local Culture of Thulu Nad, to attract the tourists.....

Though it is just half an hour drive, and is constructed 3 to 4 years before, I never got a chance to see it, so far...

The whole area is so cool and is in between a forest-like area... We are not allowed to drive our cars there and have to park at the entrance. From there we have to take 2 tickets, one for visiting this House, another for the cart ride, 50 and 25 INR, respectively!!

The carts are beautiful but slow driving ones with 20 km. per hour speed!! :)

So these are the beautiful dolls of Yakshagana (a type of dance - drama), we found there....








The wood carving was breath taking and most beautiful and I will come with those pics in my next post....

All these pics were taken using my smartphone Honor.

Have a great week ahead, With much love, @geetharao...

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wow .... the doll is like life

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Wow,so beautiful presentation of local culture ,your clicks are so lively .Thanks for sharing.

Hey, hope you are having a nice day!

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Very beautiful staues @geetharao

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Wow.... Very very wonderful photography... I love it...📷😱

Aww wow,,,all credit goes to the great artist those who made it,,,especially, you're always doing great @geetha anty...

However, I will suggest you to support a great artist click here to support.

Have a great day thanks

Great photographs @geetharao. Looking very beautiful.

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They look beautiful and very lively

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Oh my God I can't believe this is statues . @geetharao

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India popular for this dolls.

Perfect pic
This is really nice place.
Thanks for sharing

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Beautiful artwork 👍👍👍😍

beautiful like real dolls, thanks for sharing