I Feel the Branding Power of GoldHash Whenever I Watch This

2년 전

Hey, I am @goldhash

I love this Geico commercial. It's hilarious ... I feel the branding power of @goldhash whenever I watch this TV commercial.

“Expect Great Savings and a Whole Lot More”


"You know what? I just switched to Geico. I got more."

"I got a company I can trust."
"That's a heck of a lot more."

"75 years of great savings and service."

"I can't argue with more"

"Well, why would you?"

Nice visual. I think they were showing this during the World Cup; they are still showing it.

"It's a quiet, sunny day on a rural country ranch where two cowboys stand around making small talk. One cowboy mentions to the other that he just switched to GEICO and got more. He says that not only did he get a company he can trust, but he's now backed by 75 years of great savings and service. By the time he's done talking, his belt buckle has quadrupled in size and features a showy bull rider decoration. The other cowboy, oblivious to the spectacle, agrees that you can't argue with more."


Let's hash more!

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It's funny commercial.


yes isn't it? still showing:)