It was at the end of August when I was at the wedding and later on at the party that was going on in a country house. Since I was away from the city and all the light pollution, I decided to go a little further onto the field and try to capture some of the nice night skies. This was the first time since April, I photographed the sky because there was no dark sky on those dates between.
I took the first shot and all the excitement I had before was gone instantly because there was still this fucking horrible light pollution coming from a small town. It was not visible by eye but the camera captured it well enough. I removed most of the ugly yellow color from the photo.


To make matters worse, the clouds apparently appeared when there was none most of the night. Well, I took a couple of shots and I was done.

For these shots, I used top of the line Nikon D550 and 14mm fixed Samyang lens.



There will be a time I will have perfect conditions. Not today, not tomorrow, maybe not in a month but there will be.
Clear sky is a rarity this time a year.


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I don't think these are bad at all! Sure they could be better, but definitely not bad.


I guess they are acceptable. If they were pure shit, I would never have uploaded them :D