Pigeon Key, Under Seven Mile Bridge.


Last week has been busy and I have been away from steemit for a week. I have still checked in sometimes and I know there was a lot of drama going on around Justin Sun's attempt to screw us. I am glad to see that we have still 10 community people in the top 20 witness positions. I'm am proud of you people!

So to the point of this post. I am going forward with my Florida travels and today we are going to the Florida Keys.
Our first Air BnB for the first 5 nights was on Miami Beach and from there to the Florida keys is over 3 hours drive and we also wanted to make it back to the Everglades the same day. So on that morning, we woke up very early to start driving at sunrise. The destination was a very small island of Pigeon Key.

The island is no longer accessible by car because the old seven-mile bridge is long closed to the public, instead, there is now a new seven-mile bridge but that passes the pigeon key. So we drove to the Marathon key and bought a tour to get on this island. Its cheap, costs only 10 dollars.


At the marina nearby we met with our boat captain and tour guide plus a couple of other people who came on the tour.
The boat ride to the island took about 15 minutes. Here are a couple of shots on the way there.

On the photo below you can see a private island and a villa owned by the Aerosmith drummer.

This is the old seven-mile bridge.


...and there we arrived on the Pigeon Key.



As you can see the bridge goes straight over the island. At the start of the 20th century, the purpose of this island was to accommodate workers of the bridge. I'm not going to write here all the history but I will bring out the main points.

At first, the bridge connecting the Florida Keys islands was an idea of the very rich American man named Henry Flager who paid for this all by himself. The bridge was built from 1909 to 1912 and was just the railroad to transport goods. Twenty years later a violent hurricane destroyed parts of the railroad and in the end, it was sold to the United States government. 1935 the bridge was reconstructed and widened for the use of vehicle travel.



The time and hurricanes did its job and the old bridge was completely closed to the public in 2008 due to intensive damages.

No one really lives on this island and its main purpose is to preserve the houses and history of this place. There are several houses you can look inside and one of them being a museum.


There was one section I needed to get a shot from with myself on the photo.


The exact same place they filmed a scene in 2 Fast 2 Furious with Paul Walker and Tyrese.
The shot was taken from google.


Here you can see well both the old bridge on the right and the new one on the left.




This was originally a pool where construction workers could relax after a long day of work.



Some of the houses on this island were still damaged from the hurricane Irma and were unsafe to go in.


The view to the other side of the Pigeon key. Here you can again see both bridges.


And that is pretty much it. I enjoyed being on this island because it was calm there and a small place where only you and a couple of others were. Definitely worth checking out if you ever wonder what to do on Florida keys.
But my suggestion is, try not to accommodate yourself in the keys, especially key West because the prices are through the roof. You ain't gonna find living under 200 dollars per night. We decided that we are not going to pay for overpriced stays there and drive back to Miami beach. Of course, this is also why we didn't make it to Key West. Instead, we drove back the Everglades national park to spend the evening there but these are topics of another post.


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