Walking Time and Meeting Deers


I havent been posting to steem for 5 days now. After getting a new job I am finding it hard to get free time on workdays to write posts here but I try to do it every day when I'm not working. Today I had a day off and I decided to go for a longer walk. Most of the days are gray and it rains almost every day. Fortunately, today was good and I could even enjoy sunlight in my face. Also, the clock was turned backwards for one hour so we are now in wintertime and sunsets at 16.40PM at the moment here in Estonia.

Two days ago Estonia experienced a pretty harsh storm and it took all the leaves that were still on some trees with it. Winds were as strong as 34m/s ( 74mph ) and sustained winds were around 18 m/s ( 40mph ) depending on the location. Anyway, it made thousands of trees fell down, left over 60 thousand people without electricity ( of which some are still waiting for electricity to come back ) and even flew away roofs of some houses. The storm was not as strong here in the northern part of the country but in southern part, it was great mayhem.

Okay im getting sidetracked, just felt like I need to give a short overview what has happened.
Now pictures of today.

I hadn't seen a sunset for about 3 weeks until now, felt great.




Soon I saw some deers on top of the hill. They were pretty far away and I needed to change the lens FAST because otherwise, I might lose the chance of the shot.


As I tried to move closer to get a better shot, I was already spotted and they were watching me. I knew I had a little time before they ran. I moved closer and took some more shots until I could.




And there they go, no chance for me getting some close-up shots.



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Beautiful shots @tipu curate 😊