3000 followers! Costa Rica and the world order, along with new global community money not controlled by government or corporations:

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356 comments on my last blog. For those of you that are commenting more than once on my posts I call that spam and am now flagging them.

For my new followers this blog contains photography of mine, I am playing around with it as a hobby. You have permission to use any of the pictures I have taken. The blog is also designed to keep my family and friends abreast of my travels. I write about the few people owning the global banks and trans-national corporations and the BS they are stirring up. I provide evidence like this university document: click here.

On that note, I call it corporate capture and I know many don't have a clue what that means. So to some it up it means "a few people run the world". Basically, I see on a global scale around 60% capitalism and free enterprise and 40% monopoly whereas the monopoly is running everything through their voting control of the corporations. I understand that is heavy for most to understand and for most of those who understand they say, I like it the way it is and therefore chose to ignore.

I also talk a lot about bitcoin. I hope you enjoy my pictures and this information.



Don't you hate it when the teenage children let their hair go - zoom in the below picture to see this kids bangs:

The following picture is my favorite and was taken from a google pixel through a telescope lens:


The monkey below has a face profile like my family line, I hope one of my followers super-imposes my face into it 'nicely':

I am also still giving money away with the Direct to Vendor charity I founded, now using steemit as the 100% transparency through my wallet on the right hand top corner of this page. Find out more by reading this short blog I wrote earlier: Direct to Vendor info.


The two workers below are trying to make a small vending booth work near the beach in Samara Costa Rica and while talking he said he would like to put a strobe light up. I suggested better speakers, zoom in on picture and and look at the current ones. He said the owner would not let him. I said here use this money for your strobe light. So here my followers money is being used for small business development. Hopefully they use the 40 mil colon you donated (they did not ask for money to take the picture) for the light but at least it will be shared in an area of poverty:




Here is a short Max Keiser YouTube report proving Max is crazy and has excellent material:

For those of you that are commenting more than once on my posts I call that spam and am now flagging them.

Remember to bookmark my page.

Should you want to donate directly to vendors in the third world to help economic development just transfer any amount of steem to my above wallet and you will see it in their hands!


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very beautiful pictures thanks for allowing us to use these photos and congrats for 3000 followers.


Impressive graphics!


I made a donation for your charity. Because I appreciate your work very much. i love your work dear @greenman


amazing post sir.i want to again sent some sbd.

Congrats on all that you do for steemit and vulnerable people. You deserve all that you receive and more... heres to the next 3,000! Keep on being a Great man!

congrats on 3k followers. Here is the list of people who have commented multiple times on this post.


Here is list of people who commented multiple times on last post


OMG @hackerwhacker how did you do that?
Anyways, I'm guessing your name says it all....
Nice one... Some whales might be in need of this to avoid too many unnecessary chats in their comment section....
I love it. Keep it up

Interesting post. Thank you for sharing. My congratulations! 3000 followers, it's great. Good luck! resstem


356 comments on my last blog. For those of you that are commenting more than once on my posts I call that spam and am now flagging them.

Seriously it was only the VERY First paragraph you needed to read to know this was a stupid idea commenting 3 times. Just in case you didn't read the first paragraph it was ever restated at the end of the post.

Oh and lets not forget about what looks like your other account @serkagan who also commented 3 times. If it's not a duplicate account you are really nice to send all that SBD that they are cashing out of the system.

@greenman just a thought you can mute those that comment more then once which should hide them from you having to see them. Maybe without upvotes they won't bother spamming your posts in the future. Save you the time and resources of having to flag them...unless you want to cripple their accounts for spamming your page.

Well done on reaching the 3000 followers milestone; keep on “STEEMING”!!!

Your transparency is something i must commend and the joy and reassurance you have given to these people by your charity works or donations is irreplaceable. You are the hero of today!

Congratulations on reaching 3,000 Followers .... it seems like just yesterday you were at 2,000

You made me surprise via amazing monkeys and wild lifers photography. Costa Rica is a marvelous place to stay and travel.


Paul flagging spam:


356 comments on my last blog. For those of you that are commenting more than once on my posts I call that spam and am now flagging them.

This is true and the reason why is there money for wars and not for basic needs of the deprived majority of the world:

On that note, I call it corporate capture and I know many don't have a clue what that means. So to some it up it means "a few people run the world". Basically, I see on a global scale around 60% capitalism and free enterprise and 40% monopoly whereas the monopoly is running everything through their voting control of the corporations. I understand that is heavy for most to understand and for most of those who understand they say, I like it the way it is and therefore chose to ignore.

I just realized that your photography skills are very good after taking a close look at this pic:

Will watch Max video tomorrow as it's midnight here in my part of the world. Great post @greenman! Accept my contribution for the help of poor people. Also resteemed. Steem On!


Thank you. I did not take the last picture and or the pictures on the wall behind me. Credit goes to my travel agent @chachalaca for that shot and we don't know who did the background ones - some pro.


Cool picture @greenman

Congratulations @greenman
3000k followers is a lot.
Goes to how much you invested in this wonderful community :)

Found them


Aren't bats nocturnal?.. This is the first time I'm seeing one in broad daylight.
Nice photography @greenman
Pictures are so clear...

Glad to know you are still putting those smiles on faces.
You should run for the position of "Commissioner for happiness" 😀😁😁
Nice work sir!

hahaha so funny @greenman
and congress for 300 million followers

Awesome way to pay it forward! I know 40mil colones is a pretty nice chunk of change there. I lived in Costa Rica for 5 years. It's where I started painting actually. I miss it, hope to go back next winter. I would love to set up a gallery near the beach to sell my art eventually. Pura Vida, thanks for sharing your inspiring mission!


This must be the dream of every Canadian


There's quite a few Canadians there! Costa Rica is so beautiful, the more winter drags on the more I miss it lol


Did you upvote all the comments in this thread? :D


Yes, why? I do it mainly as a way to show I reviewed comment for myself. Some of the good ones I upvote heavier to have them go to top to entertain readers.


Taking care of readers is a rare case, thank you :)

Congratz dude! Haters hate, but GREENMAN on his mission! Excellent photography too!


Congrats your 3040 followers ...
I donation your charity...

Sir in your last post i told you that i want to be like you that's why i donate for your amazing charity work god bless you sir love you Screenshot_20180228-025502.png

Best thing that caught my eye is Charity..None can beat it .Though your captures are special but to me in this post,charity thing outweighed everything

  ·  4년 전

Already at 3,000 not bad ;)
You will reach the next milestone very soon!
Keep up the good work :d

congratulations @greenman

For your post propagation.

some art work for new achivement @greenman.

It's looking beautiful photos

  ·  4년 전

The biggest moment was when they created US Federal Reserves...An evil organization designed whose sole purpose was to hijack the freedom of masses and monopolize the system...
An Idea About Spam
Since your posts are getting plagued by so many spams, I have an idea...Why don't you put a bounty. Lets just say If someone hunts 10 or 20 spams they will be rewarded will 1 steem as prize money. I am sure spam hunters would love that....

I follow your share of help. And the remaining param is only 1 SBD and I will send it to you. I hope I meet people who need it much more. And we can see photos of those beautiful moments. I will send it now.
I sent it and I will resteemed.

Stunning Photography.... I zoomed in and added some colour to this photo. You don’t need to upvote. Is it ok if I share this on my blog and add a link back to yours ?

. FE659B3B-02D0-438F-8763-4C455ABAE37D.jpeg

@greenman Good job siir

Very beautiful photography , you posted your new pic this is also very nice. And also agreed with you for spam commenters , now votes on your post is half than comments .

congratulation sir @greenman for 3000 followers
thanks for shareing your beautiffull travel photography i really like this

Upvoted & Resteem @greenman sir

Monkey pics are very cute and your pics also very cool . Thanks dear Paul

giphy (1).gif

Hi Paul, still on the beautiful Costa Rica. Men Men Men, what a luck you have. Enjoy as much as possible and make people happy.


Congratulations for 3000 +followers. It's a great a great achievement sirDQmVe62WVHn8X4bw5jq7c7mf9L3XN4kzRYHizar814z56rY.jpeg@greenmanDQmbmPbQv2ZXaojKV9kqFmcfgbsUbWFt4ZXj9u3sBxDL8wB_1680x8400.jpg

Nice post

The second bat is just below the first bat in the middle,it’s perfectly camouflaged. the photos look sooo amazing and beautiful and vivid,that’s the monkey from anaconda part 1 haha they are sooo adorable. The resolution is high and crystal clear.amazing work keep it up @greenman.thanks for sharing.

I congratulate you on reaching this number. I'm sure you have more than this number because you are loved by many people around the world and your cause and ongoing charity work .

Naturalism is defined as everything found in the universe from a variety of manifestations, encompassing everything created by God. Man has no intervention. He also calls the concept of nature from the smallest element of the universe, the atom to the outside world and the vast space. , Forests, mountains, and all beings living in the universe, in addition to the laws governing and controlling the universe. Elements of nature Water: Water is one of the most important elements that include the continuation of life, nothing lives without water. Fire: Fire is one of the strongest elements of energy, which is one form of energy. Soil: The name of the soil is called on all that takes the form of dirt from sand or rocks or rocks are fragmented, and form the soil outer crust of the planet. Metal: Metal forms three situations, namely: hard metal

You can access 3000 trackers

3000 Followers! Glad that I'm one of them!


Still watching the video, had to stop for comment, upvote and share. This is an amazing background:

Another amazing post! Happy Steeming @greenman!

Congratulation to reaching 3k followers. Your photography is amazing, it’s like a story behind each one of them. Your friends look happy.

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done up vote

This is a very excellent number. Sir, I have been very glamorous and will continue to do so
Thank you for sharing the valuable photos Very good color photography Serendipity this wonderful natureDQme3wnNrbdsPGQEFNwiMF9pcZ7J1Z4ojUop1ap645Xi2LH.jpeg

Congratulations for 3000(3039) followers. Hope it will be a big family ☺

very nice blog...nice photography

Really amazing things you have been doing for people. Your deeds will be remembered.

Your shoots are great and since you have given the go ahead, i will be using them for some of my articles.

And congrats for reaching 3000 followers. I'm happy to be one of them

Keep Steeming

i am late here but still love you happy for you congrats

Congrats sir! You deserve more and you will get it! Thanks for the post and photos. All the best.

Congratulations on your 3,000 followers Mr.Paul, you deserve it. You are a kind-hearted man.
What's the name of the flower with red berries?.

Interesting post. Thank you for sharing.and also congrat for 3k follower


I'm relatively new on your blog but honestly, I've been waiting for this post. Your posts are manifolds with lots of valuable info on BTC that is what I'm interested in most of all. Photography comes on second number in my interests list. Cheeky monkeys, happy faces who got some money from you and all other things that you covered during your travel makes your blog a complete package. Do you have any tips/advice for a newbie like me to make the most out of this amazing platform? I'd really appreciate it. Gave this post a shoutout. Happy to see the happy faces:

Thumbs up @greenman! Awesome job.

this post very nice..and great photography...i appreciate your post sir @greenman carry on my friend!

upvoted & resteem

Once a corporation can influence the government, it can entice the government into giving it perks/contracts while reducing its share of the tax burden. In some cases, these corporations have even used their power over politicians to facilitate international deals that would benefit their interests—this has allowed them to turn some countries into their proxies for negotiating international deals (ex. TPP)

For example: When Haitian politicians attempted to increase the minimum wage to $5 a day, various textile corporations used the US state department as a proxy in order to fight back.

Excellent work sir @greenman
I am your fan sir .....


Those monkeys are cute. You are doing an amazing job @greenman. And I always enjoy your travel pictures.
Your blog is the best to visit for Bitcoin and crypto updates.
Weldon man👍


this is really beautiful to see amazing pictures and congratulation on hitting the 3K mark this is a big milestone and you achieved it so quickly so happy for you thanks for always sharing the best content and helping others through your hard work you are making this community a lot better and stronger than ever

Keep inspiring and smiling and yeah steem on :)

wow, wonderful photography sir, I love you so much.

@congratulation greenman sir

Congratulations Paul for 3000 Followers Hopefully I'll send few SBD to you for direct vendor support. Take care :) @greenman

congratulation for the new milestone at 3k followers.

Congrats on your 3k followers..
Beautiful pictures

wonderful Art of graphics, this is really beautiful.thank

I wish pakistan also accept cryptocurrency, as it is not doing now. I am also a crypto investor and lover . i hope someone will stand here like you to support crypto in pakistan. Love from pakistan

Congratulations sir thats awesome

Big congratulations you are doing wonderful work for all so you deserve this i feel happy for you

Congratulation,3000 followerstumblr_m7abx66UKZ1rnxhf8o1_1280.gif

sir,@greenman...your photography is so awesome..i am your new follower..live in Bangladesh...
i am a small photographer.....this is my passion..whenever i get time,i try to capture...
i also support you and like your writing skill..

animals are a asset of nature..they increase the beauty of nature....we must protect them by hunter..

thank you,sir
@upvote and @resteem

Congratulations on reaching 3,000 Followers .... it seems like just yesterday you were at 1768 Followers Yesterday.

@greenman...congratulations for you have a 3000 followers really you are doing a greate job sir. I hope that in future also you will get a huge folowers

  ·  4년 전

Like a Boss - Congratulations PAUL COLLIN

You bet I expect it and lots of the funds in ripple will move to bitcoin (to pump and dump) so really this is extremely good for all crypto acceptance!thank for resteem,,,,

congratulation for 3000 follower @greenman

you must go to indonesia

@greenman wow lovely photographs, the nature beauty is at it's best, upvoted and resteemed the post to my followers too.

the donation is still going on awesome and the people are loving it and enjoying it and congratulation on you 3K followers i am also one of them :)

very beautiful pictures thanks for allowing us to use these photos and congrats for 3000 followers.
sorry sir it is fun

congratulations !!!!!! 3000 followers

thanks @greenman
have a great day

Excellent hobby. I love travelling and 2 days ago I was travelling mangrove forest Sondurban. 20180225_143014.jpg20180225_143608.jpg



its so beautiful to see wonderful photos you have taken i would love to congratulate on this great milestone :) enjoy

WoW many congrats friend on reaching that milestone of 3k followers and i am glad that i am one of them and as always all of your photographs are so attractive and beautiful especially that lizard which you capture through telescope lens, wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors! Stay blessed

giphy (3).gif!

Cool images, thank you for everything you doing @greenman

I also love travel and photography.I think you are a real photographer.

This is so wonderful, congratulation toyour active followers, you have being a unique gem to everyone. Thanks and you have great pictures

congratulations @greenman

Welcome to Steem @greenman.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

if i have chance 2 upvoting i 'll do for you.

this is Amazing

Great work dear friend @greenman


Great great great

Nice post.total photo so good.


Cheers! 3000 followers in a great milestone and you achieved it by contributing immensely to the steemit community. Congrats and keep it going. You've got us as followers who will always be here to relate with you.

Congratulations for 3k followers.feeling Great to be a part of this conversation.

356 comments, in last post,
but this post, is also 500 up comment,
your work is very nice,
i really like you and your work dear,

Congratulations on reaching 3,000 Followers .... it seems like just yesterday you were at 2,000

Great photography sir.you are awesomegiphy.gif

Congratulations @greenman sir for the mile folks of 3000 followers.

Congratulation friend for reaching 3000 followers milestone. I hope you will touch in 4000 followers soon. Already you have 3039 followers in this thime. Now may be it has crossed.

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very information this post...thanks sir for ur share

heeyy very nice and quality pictures!! especially crocodile pictures🐊🐊🐊🐊
Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries in the world

Congrats... @greenman for your 3000+ flwrs.
Thanks for sharing your achievement .....
Its really amazing .
What a photography ??


congratulations sir , your followers 3000+. I pray that your followers are all over the world
I just opened in steemit, I do not know how to comment.......DQmRCo1i8CLXj86qNZvp9vwJEYDBHGkLabWCYh6mL4dDjp9.gif

Smiles are precious and making someone smile is a superb feelings.It brings inner pleasure to all of us when we make someone smile.Greenman you have got a pure soul which is full of kindness.Salute to you @great Greenman@upvoted and resteemedDQmNpgAN1BaWaWb4RnELA8MAGxNaMX1FpNv4HKzmxUibvWx.jpg

What could be a better way to be happy by making people happy. Amaizing. I would keep contributing to this noble cause through my upvotes and that is what I have at this point. Greate job@upvoted and resteemedDQmYGc4ggpUgLsnnuWhPFy2Mwbym1Z5rkv56DhwUX9KgYBV_1680x8400.jpgPicture says the story

You are doing greet work.I always liked your post because you always doing good things for people.

@greenman long time you posted how have you been

Thanks for the permission to use your photos your a great photographer, well I just started my photography journey November last year and I hope to be as good as you, I don't think I would be able to take a monkey photo tho I have phobia for animals, cute pictures boss

As for those commenting more than ounce why are they doing such when they can re edit the post

Happy steeming bro!!!

@greenman, My big congratulations to you. Sure You'll get next 1k followers very soon. Wish you the success.

giphy (11).gif

Nice work giving out steemit money

i heard that Costa Rica is the good place for visitors. is it true???
congrzzzzzz for your 3000 flowers :)

  ·  4년 전

Wow! 3000 is so amazing congratulations, nice post nice pictures love the monkey doing good work sir keep it up God will continue bless you sir.

You made this nice piece of art even more interesting this shot. Well done!
I am always following you.

Achievements are wonderful
Congratulations on this One!

Wow! Very nice photos the monkey is so cute love it, sir you are doing wonderful works by helping people, God will also help you sir.

You will be blessed by the master @greenman over 3000 followers and whack up 500 comments in this publication all of your continued generosity to followers

I'm stopping by my Friend! Thank you VERY much for sharing another out of this world post! A HUGE WELL DESERVED CONGRATULATIONS REGARDING THE FOLLOWERS! I have never been to Costa Rica. I added it to my bucket list! I absolutely love the photos! PHENOMENAL picture of you! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all that you do to make the world a better place! All the VERY best! Your Devoted Friend @extraterrestrial :-)

imagelets go @greenman.
Next step 4000 followers

  ·  4년 전

Nice pics

Congrats.....am a big fan of ur work...God bless u sir

that last picture thou @greenman, kinda epic. thank you for all the good that you do. always like getting a notification on steemian when you pop up! :)

@greenman congratulations ♡

Those Monkeys remind me of ones we raised money for back in the late 90's. We did a huge SEO push for a friend that bought a sanctuary in Costa Rica and was raising funds to expand it. Plus we all donated cash to the efforts too.

Congrats on the 3000 followers!! I referred a couple of them to you this last couple weeks in comments. They loved what you are doing!

Anyways here is my continued weekly contribution:
10 seconds ago
Transfer 0.500 SBD to greenman
direct to vendor

Great photographs as always!!! and Congratulations on your follower milestone!


Congrats GreenMan!! 100th comment!!! UPVOTED 100%


wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done up vote Congratulations for 3000(3039) followers. Hope it will be a big family

Lovely pictures! I love the monkeys, they are so cute. The crocs look hungry and dangerous.

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done up vote Congratulations for 3000(3039) followers. Hope it will be a big family

great job sir.realy nice photography.

@congratulations sir and wish you a great success

Hope we will try to follow your work and opinions on crypto and maybe one day we will also get good success like you thanx sir for you always kindness with your followers on this platfarm....


Heyyyy @greenman !

😂 😂
Looking at those monkeys, I just remembered the rumors in Nigeria about a monkey stealing 7bn.
The most recent thing in Nigeria is accusing animals of stealing money 😂 😂 😂

But your pictures are amazing.

Congratulations to you. I have followed your posts and I have learnt a lot from your kindness and humility. Cheers to you and wishing you more milestones on this platform.

Congratulations to reach that amazing number, fantastic photos love the monkey look

Congratulations for the 3k followers you're truly deserve it sir, with your good works God will reward you,beautiful pictures.

Congratulation, how did you get so many!
What a great milestone, but I think you deserve much more for all interesting articles and charity that you do.

wow very excellent post

Congrats for 3k followers dude . Your blogs are unique and photos are amazing . Keep posting . You will get to 4k soon .

We are excited to see you join us here! Steemit is a remarkable platform that is built to reward users for creating quality content. Its a logic called proof of brain.

As for TechChat, think of us as DJs that create tech content instead of music. We create content by looking for the most shocking, interesting, and exciting breakthroughs in the tech space. Basically - we do all the research so you dont have to.

We hope to hear your opinion on TechChats content! We always love to hear from our community.

Happy Steeming 🚀

Congratulations on Hitting 3000 followers @greenman.

I follow your help. you are a perfect person. you are an example to many people. and I get great photos from every share. thank you for your information and sharing

  ·  4년 전

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done up vote

All trails lead to waterfalls, misty crater lakes or jungle-fringed, deserted beaches. Explored by horseback, foot or kayak, Costa Rica is a paradise choose-your-own-adventure land.

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done up vote Congratulations for 3000(3039) followers. Hope it will be a big family.great job sir.

3000 is a big number on Steemit! Congratulations! Very nice photos! So colourful and beautiful! Looks like a nice place!
Keep up your good work.
Kind regards, Clemens

This is a beautiful work that you are doing in this countries where any little support you offer goes a long way to make someone happy. Steemit was built on the spirit of love and community and am glad to see someone like you sharing this love even beyond the walls of Steemit. Keep doing the great job @greenman.

Incredible post men.
Always visit your post.
And waiting for your next post

wow that's a great photography...and congratulations...

  ·  4년 전

Huge congrats to you on reaching that many followers! Hopefully I can make it there one day! I always enjoy looking at your travels and the good you do for the countries you are in :).

Greenman. sir your all post give me a new message and inspired me to creat new thing. sometimes your photography makes me to inspire a photographer . you are a decent person and your all post are perfect for more comments.thanks for steemit community. @upvoted @resteemit

Congratulations on reaching 3,000 Followers. You will be at 4,000 in no time. More terrific photos and good work down in Costa Rica. Upvoted.


nice post and and photography @greenman

Amazing publication @greenman,it must have taken a lot great effort for this.I wish you success.9826a3f64a89dcfd6451f7d12801c57b.jpg

awesome photography.

Of course I'm with you for again and again comments on a single post.
I hope that sir you really enjoyed with the monkeys, really they are beauty😍💓 and smart click📷📷.
Thanks for sharing.

Resteem 👍

amazing picture,place and cute monkey...you looking nice

Hey there Max Keiser Fan, I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and good work with 3K followers and great photos and my nickname once was Green Oatmeal which is almost like Green Man. I love travel, am from Oregon, am near Seattle, was in Hawaii, New York, Quebec, California, and Vietnam. I love Bitcoin and cafes and people and I do photography. Good work.


@greenman congress

wow i like it@greenman

@greenman Congrats on 3000 followers, But just think how many people you met in real life on your travel! Thanks for the pics it is like taking us along with you.

Congratulations for 3000 followers @greenman
Beautiful scenery of beautiful results. photo the natural beauty that has brought you to get a beautiful dream every night.You are a very lucky person, because you have seen what I can not see in my life.I have never seen this scene it's amazing. Thank you guys for sharing, I hope someday to visit such a beautiful place even if it is not possible for me.
I always wait for your next pos @greenman, because your post is always a motivation for me. I will always be your loyal followers in every post you
Thanka you so much @greenman
**" God created wonderful places that we know and know that he is the Creator. Do not hesitate !, explore every beautiful place it is, undoubtedly you will get peace of mind" **

Great post
Upvote and rest when done


OWO Congratulations @greenman sir
its really too hard !!
i appreciate your acihivments great job

I like your adventure life and photography......


Great post Paul. I agree that the wealthy elite seem to really run the country. I did more research into this with the last presidential election. Their hand is in everything, media, pharmaceuticals, food (GMO's), oil, banks. It is crazy how much influence a few have on everyone. The US has really turned into an oligarchy. I know many people criticized Bernie Sanders, but I feel like this is what he was trying to point out.

Great achievements. Well done and Many Congratulations @greenman.
I really appreciate your work and efforts.images-6.jpeg

Congrats sir..i want to again sent some sbd.# @greenman

congrats!!!! and the pictures are too good..


Congratulation You got a New follower me, have a wonderful day

owww.......nice photography
so i am lost![DQme3wnNrbdsPGQEFNwiMF9pcZ7J1Z4ojUop1ap645Xi2LH.jpg](
i like this all photo....it,s best one


Nice post !

Nice caption I like your photograph and I like @greenman your personality
Thanks for your nice post
I am a new steem member please help me and give me some advice for famous for steemit platform and success in steemit platform please help me and resteem my post ..

i love travelling...i love photography...i love animals...
i am your big fan because i love your excluisive post and your photography are too good...
thanks for sharing these photo:):)

These pictures are amazing. You are an expert with the camera. Kindly allow me to use some of them on my blog.

Amazing sir
i always following u
upvote done

congratulations on this great achievement

Congratulations on reaching 3,048 Followers

reaching 3000 followers is not an easy task, but you made it. congratulations @greenman

reteemed & upvoted

congratulations man on your 3k followers, truly the spamers should be given a tough punishment, flagging is one of them....