Costa Rica; leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas. Here are a few important short videos, before what I see as the biggest crash in modern history of global economies:

2년 전

These two dudes are extremely well versed on economic history and current central banking globally:

When two people keep two computers running they can by themselves keep bitcoin alive. When one country decides to embrace all cryptos watch out "the great wall is coming".

This is someone I respect - so if you respect me please watch from a professor of economics in New York (four terms for Trump?):

...and this one so much fun!:

I talked about why we do not have a free market in a post I did way back:

"Capitalism or the free markets that most people believe in does not exist anymore! With two main factors destroying them: The Plunge Protection Team and Exchange Stabilization Fund neither can exist in a true free market. We do not have a free market so start protecting yourself from the unsustainable economic system you are in now."

This video explains in detail about the FOMC; PLUNGE PROTECTION TEAM; and EXCHANGE STABILIZATION FUND:

I leave Costa Rica tomorrow and headed to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday and see my sister. Below are a few pictures of my trip to one of the hot springs near Nuevo Arenal where a family of critters were saying hi:

My Costa Rica experience is not over until the fat lady sings so I have to do a second visit here:

For those of you that are commenting more than once on my posts I call that spam and am now flagging them.


I will get back on the Direct to Vendor charity once in Thailand at the end of March. Thanks @maxg for helping with monitoring donations we probably need a volunteer to keep it up to date:


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Man you have got everything
Bitcoin 51%
Ether 1%
Dash .5%
Litecoin 1%
Karatbank coin 6%
Bitcoin Gold .5 %
Steem 10%

Land/Gold/Silver/Cash 30%
I think there should be someone to manage these things, what about me?
Safe travels to Las Vegas.


Thx, love it! I have beat 99.9% of all 'global professional money managers' by leaps and bounds or say over 1,000%. Respect.


Then I should seek advise from you instead of managing your accounts


What do you mean by managing your accounts?


Glad to know that you are doing wonder with your cryptos. Have a safe journey. Wishing youa very happy birthday in advance. All the pics are just awesome. keep sharing @greenman


wow very nice


very nice sir






...hey Toonces the driving cat from SNL. Just need a tequila shot.


very excellent post boss

Thanks @magx for helping with monitoring donations we probably need a volunteer to keep it up to date

If you need an extra person to help I'd be willing to pitch in.

13 seconds ago Transfer 0.500 SBD to greenman Direct to Vendor

Just sent this weeks donation for continued support.

And Enjoy your Birthday! Vegas is a great place to celebrate!!


Go for it. @maxg just did it. Good luck.


If you ever need any help on the tracking side just let me know. I'd be willing to help out.


greenman is not a name now......greenman is a model..we can follow him for mankind. thanks mr. paul :)

@greenman, Exclusively best and informative videos sharing. I'm watching and hearing it now. Beautiful surrounding area captured by you. Yep''''I agreed crypto market big crash now and believe will recovery soon. This is for your sister.


Scary economic times ahead of us. I heard Costa Rica is amazing. Just had some friends go for a Surf Trip and they are ready to Live there ! Hope all is well ! Do you gamble ? Vegas should be fun too.


I do not gamble. My portfolio is not a gamble it is running away from the current economic system.


yeah, I didn't think you were the gambling type


what's so special about it being?

Hi @greenman, here's my donation... Keep doing your Best.


Your .33cent donation is appreciated with a .40 cent up-vote.




Thank you I will donate more in your next post I dont want to spam your post.

When two people keep two computers running they can by themselves keep bitcoin alive

This an awesome quote..
Man you've got a lot invested in crypto..
And happy birthday to you

and the world keeps spinning


This is someone I respect - so if you respect me please watch from a professor of economics in New York (four terms for Trump?):

Sure I do respect you, thanks for helping out there.

Oh yes, I completely agree with you, the former capitalism is no longer there, so we must draw conclusions! With the coming day of the birth of Paul and I wish all the best! Thank you @greenman Upvoted и Resteem

Thank you very much sir for sharing these videos. Respect.

Need to understand this more:

"Capitalism or the free markets that most people believe in does not exist anymore! With two main factors destroying them: The Plunge Protection Team and Exchange Stabilization Fund neither can exist in a true free market. We do not have a free market so start protecting yourself from the unsustainable economic system you are in now."


Watch the video that follows that statement.


Yeah, watching it now. Thanks!

Bye Bye Costa Rica and Next Las-Vegas. Omg amazing and sensational experience in Las vegas. Beauty place. be safe and being fun.
This is a time for buy dip cryptos. Don't confuse anyone. Sure will be gain.


Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.


Excellent post creating with valuable news and fantastic photography.

Resteemed your post.

A crash is coming.... Sooner or later. Probably sooner.

Happy birthday and let’s get ready for next economic crash. I’m a huge fan of These guys. They live in reality unlike fake media and our corrupt politicians. I’m a big crypto and tangibles stocker as well.

Should be aware🗣 and start protecting ourself from the unsustainable economic system we are in now.💪
Wish you a very best of luck.
And have a safe journey sir @greenman

Wow....I'm astonished ... I'm crushed..
Really amazing photography...
I like it..
Thanks for the share

Best places to be at costa rica ...
Arenal Volcano National Park And Hot Spring.
La Fortuna Waterfall.
Celeste River, Tenorio Volcano National Park.
Manuel Antonio National Park.
Scuba Diving - Corcovado National Park Costa Rica.
Tortuguero National Park Costa Rica.
Tamarindo Beach a paradise for surf lovers...
Monteverde Cloud Forest.
Enjoy @greenman ....

I think, criminals of underworld doing low-down cryptocurrencies In their own interest.

Let the waves wash over you, hope you enjoyed Costa Rica. What a beautiful country it tis'.

Paul, Your portfolio looks great, I'm just a beginner who is learning a lot from your posts (videos)


ADA 30 %
Steem 50%
Some altcoins like RDD, SC, HMQ, Trust, Fun, Burst, VIBE 10%

Land/Gold/Silver/Cash 10%

RS and UV.

  ·  2년 전

@greenman sir...
Bitcoin took a hit on Wedensday after the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced it will require digital asset exchanges to register with the federal agency.

Prices plunged by more than $1,000 in the space of an hour, falling from $10,673.03 at 4.40pm GMT to $9,481.45 by 5.22pm GMT on Wednesday, according to CoinDesk.

On Thursday the volatile token attempted to claw back its losses, kickstarting trading at $9,906.80 and peaking at $10,030.63 after 1am.

But as of 7.12am GMT on Friday March 9, bitcoin is exchanging hands for $8,775.01– down 5.64 percent...
The SEC announcement on Wednesday sparked fears of tighter cryptocurrency regulation, forcing traders to pull back.

According to the agency, digital assets moving through exchanges need to abide by federal laws, to protect investors’ best interests.

The SEC said in a statement: “If a platform offers trading of digital assets that are securities and operates as an 'exchange,' as defined by the federal securities laws, then the platform must register with the SEC as a national securities exchange or be exempt from registration.

“The SEC staff has concerns that many online trading platforms appear to investors as SEC-registered and regulated marketplaces when they are not.

“Many platforms refer to themselves as 'exchanges', which can give the misimpression to investors that they are regulated or meet the regulatory standards of a national securities exchange.”.....


My dear sir...Paul Collin...Why is Bitcoin falling?..
What is your idea?...

@greenman Amazing and very interessing post thank you for sharing
resteemed and shared in the steemit
I'm looking forward to our next post
I like your last pic great shoot


I like his videos, because this video is useful for me, good post friends, I upvote and resteem yes

have a safe journey and great days, wishing you luck... enjoy your days

Abut free market i think that it is one in which the prices of goods and services are determined competitively. Whether it was book publishing, retail or software development, I saw prices determined by internal formulas, by shopping the competition, by my competitors’ ads, by negotiations with vendors, by negotiations with customers, by the need for ready cash, by the need to make room for new inventory but never by any competitor’s offer to collude on prices and NEVER by any instruction or guideline from any agency, bureau, trade group or vendor.

The closest I ever saw was the occasional mention by reps of hot-selling lines that they really prefer their resellers not to discount from MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price). But then, stating a preference has never been illegal nor an indication a market is not free.

My own definition of free market is even more restrictive. We have to be able to participate freely as consumer or also, if we wish, as business owner (with only standard, known-beforehand fees for business licensing). Even with that proviso, we still have free markets.

Some people insist that regulated markets are not free markets, but some forms of regulation are highly desirable for making markets freer and fairer. A lot of regulation is uselessly benign to slightly burdensome, without crimping free markets...

I don t forget "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU"..

Have a good trip to Las Vegas, and a whole holiday to you. resstem

Thanks for sharing these videos. A lot of important information here. Have a great time in Vegas and an awesome Birthday.

Very informative video

Useful information Thank you for your great participation with the videos that show you great work excellence

Have a safe journey and happy birthday in advance and have a lot of fun with your sister. My birthday is also nearby 😅😅.
And yes now you made the right decision to flag those spammers.
I can see you are very kind hearted doing charity, donation, helping people in need. You are just great. Hats off to you. 👏👌


posting a very good friend, I really like your position, and hopefully a successful friend is always at work @greenman.

Hey @greenman

Mr. Paul, I hope you enjoyed fat lady singing. Finally your Costa Rica journey is over and you are moving to Las Vegas. I am really looking forward to see Las Vegas pictures.

You have so many assets specially the tangible ones. I know it takes a lot of time, money and efforts to gather this much. I learned from the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, we must invest in order to acquire assets.

Which book inspired you Mr. Paul? (I would love to see a blog post on that as well).

Have a nice day, happy journey and happy Steeming.

@greenman, Exclusively best and informative videos sharing. I'm watching and hearing it now. Beautiful surrounding area captured by you. Yep''''I agreed crypto market big crash now and believe will recovery soon. Upvote & resteem buddy.

very good video friends, I am very interested in the videos you share. and excellent photography

Fantastic!! The journey of life is very fun and so many inspirations contained in the video and images on your post master. In the proverb in nrgara we say, much goes much we can get. Steady!!!

Happy birthday @greenman hopefully achieved all his wishes.


Wow ! extraordinary photography @greenman

Upvote & resteem buddy

You have amazing portfolio. You owned 51% of cryptocurrency in king bitcoin.You won't believe i have only one bitcoin that was given to me by my grandfather ..sounds unrealistic but thats true. Have a safe journey and wish you good profit.


Excellent vedio...
Great to see
Thanks for the information

Wow really great photography & nice post I am you biggest fan sir. You are really awesome sir. I love your Charity sir. You really doing a great work sir. Thank you so much sir for sharing with us.

images (2).jpeg

scary financial instances ahead of us. I heard Costa Rica is high-quality. simply had some friends go for a Surf trip and they are ready to live there ! hope all is nicely ! Do you gamble ? Vegas ought to be a laugh too.

Your post is great boss. I heard Costa Rica is amazing. Just had some friends go for a Surf Trip and they are ready to Live there ! Hope all is well ! Do you gamble ? Vegas should be fun too.

thank you for your great analysis and sharing information,,i am impressed...

Nice post


amazing photography,,great analysis,,all the best...a lot off thanks for your valuable post...

interesting post once again thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

excellent photography @greenman

For the first video
We are not at peacetime. The US continues creating wars of choice for private profits. The biggest holders of government contracts are military industrial firms. Central banks around the world continue to wage war against the nations they 'create' currency for, bills that the people will be required to pay. Got to uphold the rule of law after all, even paying off fraud.

I am always late to write for you the beautiful soul due to different time zone. After looking at your portfolio information i am convinced that you have taken some brilliant decisions in your life to invest money at perfect place.
This is so true that future belongs to digital world and every single passing moment is making sure this very factor, i pray to the lord for your more and more success and prosperity because you are so kind and great soul, this world really need people like you @greenman :)

nice post,,amazing photography,,thanks for sharing and analysis,,,all the best

Hey Paul, I have not been keeping up with you!I hope you have had a blast here in Costa Rica.It is hard to leave our paradise here but I am sure you will be back one day.the photo of the pizote's (coatls) is great. My dog chased one up a tree once and I was amazed how agile they are running through the treetops!
I shall have to work backwards and see what you have been up to. Have a wonderful birthday in Vegas xx

Happieee b,day @greenmen wish you a happy life and may you live long. Its interesting videos right now a days we are faced some issue about crypto, hope so its best result in future. thankYou foh sharing this vieos :)
Last One Picture is Awesome ^^

"These two dudes" was very refreshing to her and its very depressed but. I have read that a currency has a normal lifetime of about 30 years and afterwards it goes down and most currencies are older then the inflation starting and soon the end. So now its the time to get ready. a see a lot of important steemian from costa rica seams like a hub there. :)

upvote and resteem done sir



thank you so much for share with us
i liked..........++++++++++

this is great to see your experiences from there seem nice and looks like everything is set for birthday : )

wow steem is only in 10% seems like your portfolio is huge then why you want to live on in a van you could live your dream life

Very beautiful photography Sir. Thank you so much sir for this informative post . We all love you sir. And love you charity. I am your biggest fan sir. You are really great person sir. Love you sir.....

thanks for the new blog. that is great and nice photography.


What a amazing click for a photo.. 😍
I want to learn more about photo from your post in Steemit. I hope will be like you in this platform. I'm newbie here.. Warm regards from Indonesia..


excellent photography @greenman
i love to read it...


the fat lady was cute hahah nice things are there wonderful travelling experiences have a great flight ahead

wish you "Happy Birthday",sir @greenman in advance...

wish you have a great Day with lot of enjoyment,sir


you got every coin at a good profit....
i hope you will also give something
@upvoted @resteem

great post sir
keep it up
upvote and resteem done
superb photography

Costa Rica experience will be special forever that was one of the best post's in recent times


Wonderful Photography sir @Greenman

this weekend seems to be awesome for you that is great awesome pictures and nice videos with lots of insights

great talks in the video nice to hear about it wonderful videos to gain knowledge on the lighter note great to see the photographs along as well

so beautiful pictures there and your birthday is coming happy birthday hopefully we will see a post on birthday :)

Sir, I am totally surprised that you have got every cryptocurrency. most of them are Bitcoin. you are a great,man. i have been inspired by watching your videos . thanks @greenman, keep it up.

Very nice post

i wish to follow you to las vegas, lets explore together. I am still gathering my own coins.

You will be safe as you travel to las vagas, its gonna be alot of fun, don't forget to share some awesome pics for us. Thanks

thanks for information on crytocurrency and nice photo and vedio😊

Some nice videos there, scary but that's what it is :-). I thought you had +20% Steem, must have been around half January :-)
Enjoy your travels and birthday!

This is absolutely brilliant. You are a man to reckon on. Las vegas is a beautiful place.soon i will start my own tour. Nice post cryptoman.

"Costa Rica" its a contentious post. Very nice photography .Spicily last you photos background.

Awesome video clips, greenmen thankyou for sharing this, and Happy birthday too you ✨🎂 may you have live long and long, best wishes to you 😍☺

Hello @greenman,

Extraordinary good photography & you are maintaining incredible investment portfolio.


Thanks love it. i have beat 99.9% and cash 30%of all global professional money managers by leaps and bounds or say over 1000% Respect.

nice post sir


Why do not you post regularly ...? Anyway, I pray for you
keep it up..

Very nice post i like it

Nice Photography..... Thanks for sharing...

such an amazing article,thanks a lot for sharing and being with us,have a great day.

your portfolio is very interesting btc being the king there and the other alts seems to be on point : )

Excellent post creating with valuable news and fantastic photography.

Resteemed your post.

I think this is my new favorite post by you, right next to when you started the direct to vendor charity. Great video, and i am working to make my portfolio more diverse like yours. Very helpful, thanks Paul.


This is an awesome photography. Its really amazing photo and also creative art. I really impressed your photography.

excellent your photography
images (25).jpg

Inspiring mate to see you living the dream. Enjoy Vegas .

Liked your crypto Portfolio !

Hope you have a safe journey !
buddy !

excellent your post Thanks for sharing
this is my new art@greenman sir

dear greenman friend, very nice photography.thank for share you travels moment. best of luck.

this is amazing.

amazing photography sir... videos are very helpful sir...thanks for sharing sir.👍

what a caption!!!!!!!!!!!!! nothing to say just awesome.@upvoted @resteemit

cannot wait for your birthday happy birthday in advance and wishing you a great journey :)

Happy birthday borther...
Have a safe journo....

cut the cake... um waiting for the share .. U have the address :p


dear sir, amazing photography. I hope you love nature.nature is the main part of the environment.

So excellent and great information we get about your post.......i think,,,,its your great adventure journey.......i hope,,you enjoy very much.....all the best....

  ·  2년 전

excellent your photography
images (17).jpg

awesome photography, dear,
helpful post DQmUtS7Y2d7WrvZarVEPzXWAKwwiNz4iL9JDXEkZKPkQYdT_1680x8400.jpeg

most excellent seats to be at costa rica ...
Arenal Volcano general playing field And sweltering Spring.
La Fortuna Waterfall.
Celeste River, Tenorio Volcano nationwide Park.
Manuel Antonio citizen Park.
Scuba Diving - Corcovado state playing field Costa Rica.
Tortuguero resident square Costa Rica.
Tamarindo coastline a paradise for side lovers...
Monteverde Cloud Forest.
Enjoy @greenman


thanks sir

Vidio and shooting good friends successful always for you, I upvote and resteem

Looks like you have got a lot invested in crypto. But there is a major dip in crypto. I just hope that it's just another road block and we will get past it. Anyways best of luck for the future and have fun traveling.

Amazing post.

For your post propagation.

Upvote & resteem @greenman

Amazing and nice photography :-)

Great post before leaving thanks for keeping us updated along the way nice to see what's happening around

excellent your post Thanks for sharing

excellent your photography post Thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing sir @greenman

Excellent photography
100% like and resteem

Scary economic times ahead of us. I heard Costa Rica is amazing. Just had some friends go for a Surf Trip and they are ready to Live there ! Hope all is well ! Do you gamble ? Vegas should be fun too.

very informative shareing video.
I'm watching and hearing it now. Beautiful surrounding area captured by you.


I wish you success in everything you do.


This is great travel experience and very beautiful photography.

Thanks @greenman
Have a great day

Having this much of crypto is just amazing, i hope i can make some of these 😂

What do you think about steem.
How much do you think steem will rise this year
And happy birthday in advance

Woooh, you are so rich, wish to reach even to the percentage of investment you have here on steemit I mean your 10 % that would be a great achievement for me.....

wish you all the best with your costarica experience, have a great day to the upcoming lasvegas!

You have good amount of crypto , nice pics taken , nice videos dear friend .
Have a nice day

I leave Costa Rica tomorrow and headed to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday and see my sister.

Happy birthday @greenman...wishing you long life and prosperity.

posts containing your experiences and information for us. thank you for sharing good for us, success always for you friend

Happy Birthday @greenman!
Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Nice portfolio!

I seriously believe that crypto will come out of this dip soon. We will rejoice and our voice will be heard once again. The economy will rise again. Quick advice, power up STEEM. Buy more

Upvoted and Resteemed to our page. We also work with @papilloncharity here directly on Steemit. Would be great if you could check out their page and support them on Steemit. although we are very happy to see you are helping people directly in person as well. We just thought we would mention in the event you were looking to find reputable charities on Steemit as well. CHEERS Mate !

Good blog, nice nature photography , best wishes for your las Vegas journey . Thanks

this is a very good post,
very interesting to see,

@greenman Hey mate, you just gave our everything. I love that you are working for your charity. You are really great. Want to your assistant. :) Costa Rica is a very beautiful place to live in. Feeling sad that you are leaving tomorrow.

Best Pic Till Now <3


i love your are the very good photographer.very good place to travel.

wow nice post i am new in steemit.i hope steemit is amazing platfrom.
i enjoy your post sir


You are great Photographer @greenman...
awesome photography.....

Wao good, beautiful photography

When a Real American Hero gets 4,000 views and zombies like Jay-Z and Katie Perry get Millions and Billions... is when you know America the Beautiful has died...

Amazing post Mr @greenman tnx for RESTEEMED and shared in the facebook group And thanks for the catalytic support.U5dsppcNJMM2rn9aoXkiw43DvanrzzY.gif

amazing post and you are looking beautiful,,,all the best sir

really a very nice video...very good photography


Actualy....Digital money can make us rich to deal with ourselves..
I genuinely trust that. Be that as it may,
what I additionally accept is that it will influence us to sufficiently fit to serve the penniless also.
It is absolutely difficult for all to give.
Every one is battling in their own specific manners.
In any case, that is the magnificence of life is it not?
One who has seen the intense time will identify towards the one enduring.
Such a one when independent can promptly consider helping other people.
When I put in endeavors to gain, I should put in little endeavors along to share.
One might be poor out of absence of education,
another might be expected life's weight of overwhelming obligations,
another might be out of sheer apathy and some might be not able meet the sudden needs of life.
In any case, the truth of the matter is same. They all need assistance.
From numerous points of view it can be tended to....


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Have a wonderful journey to Las Vegas, You are an expert in bitcoin investment

traveling the world, taking wonderful photographs, being a great one on steemit - you always inspire me Mr. Collin. :) I wish you good luck in every aspect of life. Happy birthday :)

great analysis and amazing photography,,thanks for sharing and all the best

nice video & pic . great information costa rica economies system.

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Happy birthday my friend, enjoy it
and take care your lovely sister

Awesome photography. Enjoy your journey.



I love travel, I think also you love travel.

wow sir your post is awsome.. upvote and resteem done.

Happy Birthday from Canada where it is still snowing......

You always give important information. thank you so much,,,,
to be continue.......... ...... ......

wow wow wow its very nice......


Wow...nice post sir@greenman......Frogs noises at night really irritate me. I cannot sleep if they really start disturbing me.

I'm really love your photo@greenman.....I like you just have to find awesome beaches - so far not many.

@greenman ... I love you , your attitude , your style , and your face So much

WoW some of good photograohy