Coconut Very Berry Smoothie Bowls - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT

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Have you noticed the smoothie bowl craze taking over the internet? Well whatever the case, it is and everyone is cranking out the most gorgeous and colorful creations of fruitiness so I couldn’t help but start to feel left out, right?


To be completely honest, the first time I saw a smoothie bowl I thought it was a pretty strange idea and I didn’t see myself ever wanting to make one. I mean, smoothies are supposed to be what they claim, smooth, so that they can be sipped through a big fat straw, not chunky and thick enough to scoop. But after I’d had time to get used to the idea it actually started to sound pretty stinkin’ good. It's kinda like sorbet with add-ins!


In case you missed it in so many of my previous posts, I’m kind of addicted to berries, (it’s like a certifiable condition, not even kidding), and one of my favorite things to snack on is berries with yogurt and/or cereal. That’s why I got to thinking, why should a smoothie bowl be so different? So as much as I’m loathe to admit it, I gave in to the collectivism on this one you guys! Do you think that make me a complete sell-out or what? I just hope this isn’t the first step to losing my individuality, yikes!


But anyway, something else I’ve been crazy about, and still getting crazier, are coconuts. I’m nuts for those coconuts! Seriously though, do you have any idea how versatile coconuts and their contents can be? I’m constantly switching up my normal dairy products for coconut water, milk, or cream and it works amazingly! It’s so good in pretty much any form of dessert or you can go savory and put it in everything from panko breading to Thai sauce. Can you see the level of obsession I’ve got going on here?


So here’s the deal, these smoothie bowls are super easy, they’re gluten free, dairy free, and vegan so pretty much everyone can enjoy them and they work as a breakfast, a snack, or I’d even go for one as lunch, yum! I wanted to make them extra pretty so I thought it would be fun to pour them into actual coconuts to make them more fun. I’m really hoping that you’ll want to make them now too.


As for personalization, I used a combo of oats and flax to thicken this but you can trade out the flax for chia seeds and my smoothie was like really thick with the amount of oats I used so you can cut back on them if you want it a little thinner. The fruits can be traded out too. Maybe try replacing some or all of the berries with tropical fruit for a breakfast that will feel like your on vacation!


Other than that, I just say make them, load them with all of the yummy toppings you can think of, and most importantly, eat them with a small spoon. I have this belief that everything is better with a smaller spoon! Smoothie bowls for the win!



ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST.

And, by the way, to all the minnows out there, my intro post did a huge $0.21. The key to success on Steemit is to be consistent and persistent.

Also, a huge shoutout to @rigaronib for designing my logo!

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Recipe available upon request to the first Steemian friend who says today's words : "Going Coconuts"


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Yummy! Can I have the recipe, I'm Going Coconuts!


Great one @yummyrum Enjoy!


1/2 cup full fat coconut milk
1 cup coconut water (or you can use almond milk)
2 cup frozen mixed berries
2 large frozen bananas
1 tablespoon flaxseed meal (or ground chia seed)
2 tablespoons honey (use agave or maple if vegan)
3/4 cup old-fashioned rolled oats
Optional Topping Ideas:
fresh berries and/or sliced fruits
nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios.....)
toasted seeds (sunflower, pepitas.....)
dried coconut shreds
granola clusters or cereal
cocoa nibs/ dark chocolate chips

Combine all ingredients for the smoothies in a blender or food processor and blend until completely smooth. For an extra thick smoothie allow it to set for at least 30 minutes in fridge. Pour into bowls and serve with any toppings you'd like!




Thanks for sharing


Thank you for sharing the recipe @gringalicious! I can now use my nutribullet for this :D


it looks delish! <3

Wow! This bowl looks so yummy! You made me salivate with this nice bowl! And the coconut bowl very creative to use it as bowl.


Always so supportive @creativewoman, thanks so much. Very exciting times ahead!

Aside from the yummy i'm-going-loco-coco-smoothie,
this is the best ever sentence i have seen here in Steemit:

The key to success on Steemit is to be consistent and persistent.

True, sincere, and real. A lovely reminder to us all.
Epic words @gringalicious. :)


"loco-coco-smoothie" - I love it. Thanks so much for the fantastic commenting @yukimaru

Looking very delicious

Damn delicious
i can't control my self
its looks delicious yummy and tasty yummmmmm
thank you for sharing

Yummy! What a perfect light snack, plus I love coconut :)


Fantastic, I am so glad to hear it @karinalewis, thanks for commenting

Given the craze and so many people sharing smoothie bowls, yours just blew me away. Love the presentation and I am sure it taste amazing too.

I like this recipe "Going Coconuts"
Lovely food photography


Oh, I really appreciate you reading the post @quinnpeterson. I just shared the recipe above. Thanks again for your support!

I found you on instagram, Love love your work @gringalicious.


Wow, thanks @folakere. I'm so glad you think so.

These Are Very Delicious Food... Thank You For Share

Dear medam Please support to my posts

Delicious can I have some 😂

  ·  4년 전

Wow, that's amazing. Looking so delicious. I have to try your recipe 👌

everything looks so delicious! send me some!


Haha, I'd love to @ilhuna!

Wow....lovely food photography, very nice precnt, thanks for sharing


Thanks so much for commenting on my post

Ah ... that looks good! I will prepare it when I finish here "going coconuts". Fantastic, Beautiful, Balm for the soul.


thanks for commenting on my post @veber88, have a great day

Wow!! This is interesting...
Never knew coconut can take the form of a plate


The coconut is amazing. Some day I will might do a series of posts on all of the uses of a coconut

looks delicious.... coconuts to boot! kudos!


Very kind of you @sinlg!

This took me back to brazil a long time ago while I was on vacation. I used to drink all the coconut water I could! They sell them on the beach. Yours has, of course, all of the other ingredients :). The pictures are amazing as always, I hope I can try to make this someday! (maybe if i go back to brazil, so I can get fresh coconuts? haha who knows!!)


Oh that sounds amazing @thepaperplane! I'm so excited to see Brazil someday.

Going Coconuts


Thanks @diamondinform. I've just shared the recipe above. Have a great week!

I am going coconuts for this! hehe

Seriously though, this makes me wish I was on a tropical vacation! Beautiful job as always!


Oh, so close @coruscate! Thanks for taking the time to read the post and I hope you get the time to try it. I just shared it above.

Wow! This is dessert for my eyeballs! Every time I think there is no way I will love your next photo more than your last you prove me wrong.

And I agree, coconut is marvelous! I used to disdain coconut as a child. I was texture sensitive and the shredded sugary coconut my mom would add to baking was a consistency that I couldn't tolerate. I am glad I grew out of that though because coconut is delicious!


Oh, thanks @canadianrenegade! You're too kind and flattering and I really appreciate your reply.

This post has received gratitude of 1.27 % from @appreciator thanks to: @gringalicious.

love the vignette effect that really makes the coconuts pop out! lovely post as always @gringalicious!


I'm glad you liked it @blackmox!

at some point you need to start using NSFW tag for food porn...

Nice shots gringa. Your food is like glimpses of heaven.


Oh, I'm so glad you liked them @skapaneas!

Gringalicious, christmas is over and you are still entizing us with your delicious yummmy meals. Well, I think this is your calling, keep it up. I upvote you.


Oh, very sweet @comrade!

How do you do that every time?

I love your recipes! And you're artful pictures are absolutely awesome! Upped and resteemed! If I where anywhere near you, you smoothie wouldn't had have a chance during the shooting! Would've been bad for your post, to have none of these great picture, because Holger devoured the smoothie!
Have a good day! (Or night?) In Germany it's day again!


Haha, here in North Idaho it's late evening. Thanks so much for your very very kind comment @holgerwerner! Have a great day!

The coconut is a really good idea and I like the choice​ of berries too!

How long did it take you to make it?


not long. Give it a go and see how long it takes you. Welcome to steemit @dorian17


I'll do for sure, thanks for sharing!

That looks so, so yummy. I love your food posts, we be waiting around for more.


Oh, thanks @tesaganewton! So happy you liked it.

Delicious art! You should save all these photo's and one day publish a book. I would totally buy that :-)

Wow it looks so amazing. I am like I want to have it now, right now. :)


Thanks so mush for your continued support @tamsguitar, I really appreciate it

Am going coconut..... Do visit my blog guys.. I need you all to help me grow. Thanks 😘


Thanks for commenting on my post @mhizblessing

It's very beautiful photos and you do amazing photography . We'll done dear . Such a you great and hard work .Thanks for sharing



Oh, you're welcome @lalitswami ! I'm so glad you appreciate the time and work.

Pro Tip: Add lime to your smoothie, it makes any smoothie taste better!


ah, a pro tip, good to know

good food and this is a healthy


It is! Thanks for your comment @kayes12345!


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It looks so delicious. You can consider open a restaurant and selling these wonderful and creative dessert. I'm sure people will eager to try it. No kidding


Yeah, I get that all the time. I like it better here on steemit.

OMG!!!!! These look so good. I wonder what they taste like..


Give it a go for yourself and then you'll know

Looks so delicious and healthy. Good sharing!


Thanks for commenting on my post @jiafui

You are always posting the most delicious looking food! Your recipes are on point, photos are next level, and I always seem to have an appetite, lol. Could I just send you some SBD, and you send some right over? Or print it from my 3D Food Printer, lol! Almost living in Star Trek world. Anyways, another great article, now I need to make a smoothie... Cheers!


actually, I have considered packaging one of my sweet treats. I would certainly accept SBD. Not sure I would want to ship internationally though

Delicious photo! Thanks for making my morning so hungry haha :)


I am thrilled you liked it, thanks for commenting

So pretty my dear! Love your creativity!!

·, cool name. Thanks for commenting on my post


Hihi thank you my dear! I like it too!;) My name is Niina and I thought it would be funny and eye catching to create a user name based on my own name, thats how I come up with Vegan Niinja! And mybe because my little brother called me ninja when we were little;) Have a nice day sweetie!!

Looking yummy. "Going Coconuts"


So glad you read the post @pariza! Thanks and have a great night!

Deliciously looking meal!


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my post @caminito



Great presentation @gringalicious. Colorful, healthy and very original, served in a coconut. I have never tried a smoothie bowl myself. I think it's time to do it. Thanks for sharing!


You definitely should try it. Thanks @diamondinform!

Wow this looks magnificent and delicious :D


Hey @blazing, it's always awesome to receive your support, thanks so much

This is great!! I love everything with coconuts!!! Thank you for this recipe and again the beautiful pictures :D And I am off to the supermarket trying this out!


I hope you do give it a try @kusatsuri, please send me a photo if you do

OMG! your recipes are amazing dear Tori, thanks for sharing and have a lovely day♥


I hope you have a lovely day as well and thanks so much for stopping by and commenting

Looks like a smothie and i would love to try it


"looks like a smoothie," well I am glad I achieved that at least

I'm nuts for coconuts too!


Haha, thank you so much for reading @justjessica!

Very good pictures of truth, every day I like them more and I am always excited to know your next publication. @gringalicious


Thanks so much for the great commenting @yesslife

Damm Yummy ! i love this
look in my photography porfolio:


and you had to go and spam me, not cool

Wow! Looks so delicious! I want one :)


Hey @sweetcarol, thanks for stopping by. I just saw that your Mom did an intro post, how cool is that?!

Thanks for commenting on my post, you have a new follower


I'm very happy for her! :) Thank you for you upvote. You are a really nice person! :)

These look entirely awesome. I could very easily become addicted to smoothie bowls. lol


and that's a good addiction, thanks @cecicastor

Very pretty smoothies, sounds and looks absolutely delicious @gringalicious :)


Thanks so much for the nice comment @lizelle

Such beautiful pictures! Makes one want to dig in. I am going to try to follow your recipe and make this for my kids this weekend. Thanks for your posts.


Fantastic. Take photos and send me one @blairwarner

Omg this looks delicious! 😍

  ·  4년 전

WOW what harmony of colors !!! i really like , the Nikon D5300 is good !!

Every single time, you're amazing!! You rock it!!

Simply brilliant work, gorgeous photography. What a creative idea!


I really appreciate your comment @mamaloves.

Wow! Very healthy and organic. 😍
Great food angle you have there @gringalicious

looks so yummy your absolutely good at photography :) @gringalicious


Oh, I really appreciate it @samiurrehman10

It is wonderful foodgraphy !

This looks amazing. I'm big into Sorbet and Sherbet since I don't eat Ice Cream. This gives a nice flair and more flavor to an already amazing fruit treat. Would be great for a party or a date. Thanks for this.

Soooooooooooooooo beautiful and delicious my Dear. Absolutely love it. That could be definitely a winning entry for FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇

This is perfect for starting 2018 on a healthier foot! I have been looking around for a smoothie bowl recipe and your photos sold me!

Woooow! Que divino se ve, Yo tambien estare montando post de comida Soy de venezuela, puedes seguirme, ya te sigo, saludos.

have you very nice I like it please see keberanda my all time


thanks many words kind in comments