Dry and Dusty Roads (The Paths We Travel)

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I don't know if it's because I have a major case of wanderlust, but I find a lot of aesthetic appeal in the open road.

Anyways, Here's a collection of photos of the open road and or other pathways I've taken whilst traveling around the USA.



These first few were taken in Arizona. I went up into the mountains to catch the little bit of fall colors Arizona gets in October.

Generally it's just brutally hot until it's not for a little while in Arizona, but up in the mountains they actually have forests, streams and seasons

I decided to try putting this in monochrome to see if I could change the focus more onto the road away from the trees. I wonder how it turned out?


Out hiking in the desert. Also Arizona. The sign for the trail is pretty worn -- Guess that means I don't have to follow the trail, Huh?

These next couple are taken in California. They're not technically roadways, but they're probably some of the more scenic pics in this selection...

lens flare city! Is that a ufo? 🤣


The stream with stepping stones is a classic, no? Gotta go out with the classic.

These were taken in a botanical garden in San Diego, if memory serves. Might have been the japanese garden, but I am not entirely sure of that.

It's kind of been my thing to hit up the botanical gardens everywhere I go. My favorite was in Kyoto: It was 200円 to get in ($2) and I literally spent all day walking around there taking pictures and stuff (though I think I lost most of those pictures, sadly).

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the collection.

I'll catch ya next time 😃

- Guurg

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P.S. Don't think that I forgot to remind you to keep being awesome. 😎

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Pretty cool path to travel at specially for wanderlust ;)

yeah ,these pictures collection is really awesome!👍❤️,thanks for sharing!👍

stunning views thanks for sharing.

Wow looks pretty neat and smooth even though it looks empty