Fancy Bony Ladies

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Going through some pictures from when I was out in San Diego for Dia de los Muertos 2017 and I wanted to go ahead and post these fancy ol' skellies.

Enjoy! :)

Lookin Cute, no?

The gemmed eyes are haunting > . >

It might not be related, but due to the garb I kind of like to imagine them all gathered for tea and a banquet.

I guess it would help if I knew more of the lore behind DDM. I guess I'm pretty bad about it having lived in the southwest for several years now, and in a town where DDM is a pretty big deal.

Oh well, what can ya do.

Thanks for taking a gander,

- Guurg

External Link

p.s. this was in the old town market. Bonus Skellies! -- Well skulls, actually.

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Personally, I appreciate ladies with a bit more meat on their bones. 😝

DDM. That's my shit! Betcha had a great time.

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Haha, that slayed me! 🤣

Yeah, it definitely was a great time out there! Thanks :)

These are really funny pictures.

they are characters with fantastic outfits.

Weird but beautiful

Lol first time looking at skeletons dressed up so lovely 🤣


They're slightly anorexic though 👺


LMAO🤣🤣🤣🤣 they should worry less about being skinny

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